Reviewed: SM Burek

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while- a fact made quite clear as it’s still summer in the photos. The Burek , while only available in some remaining sizes, is now available in a few other similar versions, the Cukiereczek and the Summer Time, are available in a full range of sizes. […]

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Reviewed: Gossard Phoebe

Hello, everybody! I’ve finally gotten a new photographer (or, my old photographer came back) and my schedule has temporarily cleared up. Thus, the first item on top of my ever-growing stack of reviews is the Gossard Phoebe. I was smitten with this one as soon as I saw it in catalog. It looked cream-colored in […]

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The Bra Friend Challenge

Hello, everybody! I’ve been absent and a little preoccupied for the last while, but if you’ll take me back, I’ll stay and be good to you.Or at the very least, post regularly. I’m back at school now, and thus my beautiful natural lighting has been replaced by the grey filter of my new bedroom and […]

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The Beginner’s Bra Guide

Hello good readers, and welcome to the Matrix. Well, not really- but for some people, learning about bras can certainly feel like that! A few weeks ago, I got a comment from a younger reader asking about making a guide for somebody just starting out with bras. I thought it was a great idea, and […]

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Reviewed: Gossard Lola

Disclaimer: This bra was provided by Gossard. Of course, all opinions and whatnot are my own. Thank you and enjoy! :) You know those neon signs that you see in shop windows or at 70s’ themed parties? They’re so bright that they almost hurt your eyes, yet they’re also strangely mesmerizing so you don’t look […]

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The Lingerie Brand Guide

The following is a comprehensive collection of lingerie brands arranged by size range and then by price range. The aim is to help those who shop online and those who are new to the full-bust market make more informed purchases about what’s more likely to work for them. Consider this list like a little baby. […]

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