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Disclaimer: This bra was provided by Gossard. Of course, all opinions and whatnot are my own. Thank you and enjoy! 🙂

You know those neon signs that you see in shop windows or at 70s’ themed parties? They’re so bright that they almost hurt your eyes, yet they’re also strangely mesmerizing so you don’t look away. The Gossard Lola manages the same effect while being nine hundred times less tacky. No photographs can truly capture the neon wondrousness that is the Lola- The colors are rich and very bright neon and compliment each other perfectly. Blue with pink has never been a color combination that I’ve liked, yet here I am in the middle of the afternoon, with one of the most vibrant and lovely bras I’ve ever seen glowing under my ratty t-shirt.

Upon opening the package, I was a bit worried it wouldn’t fit-the cups looked pretty big, and I’m not exactly busty. But since the padding is so thick, they’re actually ever so slightly small. Those who are fuller might need to size up- I’m told the padding is consistent among Gossard padded styles, and after an adjustment period (I ‘m used to non-padded or lightly padded) I’ve come to like the padding. I don’t have to worry about any wrinkling as I move around, the shape stays constant no matter what position I’m in, and it makes my relatively  humble chest a head-turner.


I’ve found it to be a perfect going-out bra because of the awesome cleavage and push-up effect. It’s a new favorite for when I leave the house, as it’s much more comfortable than my other going-out bras (you know the type- stabby and pokey and loose in the band but they make your chest look fa-a-antastic).

The gateway back, a neat feature almost exclusive to Gossard bras, is a lot more supportive that I’d have thought. However, I’d have liked it if the elastics that make it up were just a bit thicker. I was comfortable with the smaller back closure, but not all people may be. I assume that for larger sizes than my 30E, they’d make some structural changes in the thickness of straps and elastics. The band is a standard  30, perhaps a bit more snug, so those who write this bra off because they don’t make 28 bands may want to reconsider.

I LOVE those little blue bows

This bra is super comfortable and I reach for it every time I go out. It looks amazing, though I do have to be careful what  wear it under since the color is so bright. The shorts have the same scalloped detailing as the cups of the bra and are super comfortable. They feel like my old worn cotton boyshorts from Aerie, and I’ve found myself wearing them both out and about and when I’m lounging around at home.


The shape is uplifted and rounded and looks obscenely good under clothes.

This bra has become one of my favorites. At first I wasn’t sure about it, as I’m used to thick straps, full backs, and non-padded styles. But the longer  wore it, the more glad I became that I chose the padded version of this style. It’s really comfortable, gives the girls an amazing boost, and stays in place all day. I’m extremely happy with it, and will be buying similar styles in the future.

Have you tried Gossard? Do you have any questions? Let me know down in the comments below!



3 thoughts on “Reviewed: Gossard Lola

    1. Aloha! It’s basically up to you; for me, I think they’re similar-looking enough to only need one. However, if you’re really in love with the way they look, you can definitely buy the both of them. I found the fit of the padded one to be superior to the fit of the non-padded (the no-padded looked a bit weird on me), but the padded one is super padded. I’d recommend maybe buying both and returning what doesn’t fit, and seeing what shape works better for you. Hope that helped xx

  1. It’s tough to find good, affordable bras. And ones from VS are often over-rated and don’t hold up, even with a gelnte cycle and air-drying. (I don’t have the patience to handwash.) I like some by Vassarette and Playtex, but it’s tough to find ones that are pretty and not padded to the point where you feel guilty for false advertising. Keep up the posts- they’re always informative!

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