Reviewed: Gossard Phoebe

Please ignore my longline marks and tan lines

Hello, everybody! I’ve finally gotten a new photographer (or, my old photographer came back) and my schedule has temporarily cleared up. Thus, the first item on top of my ever-growing stack of reviews is the Gossard Phoebe. I was smitten with this one as soon as I saw it in catalog. It looked cream-colored in all the photos I’ve seen of it, but evidently it’s actually a very feminine pink.

Phoebe is easily the tightest 30 band I’ve ever worn. If you’re put off by the lack of 28 bands in Gossard’s collections, fear not- this is closer to a 26, so ‘d recommend sizing up if that’s not your cup of tea. The cups are relatively shallow and didn’t quite work out for me. They would work for someone who’s less projected and with short breasts, and I am the opposite. The top of the cup cut in, but there was still some extra fabric in the cups- so I suppose Phoebe and I just weren’t meant to be.


The shape is definitely vintage-inspired and pointed. I wouldn’t recommend wearing this under a tight shirt for embroidery and shape reasons, but since sweater weather has taken hold, I’d say it’s safe to wear under most fall attire.

The shorts are the same cut and quality as the Lola shorts, which I have previously reviewed. These ones are equally comfortable, fit just as well, and are equally pretty.

I really like this bra. It’s stunning and feminine, and pink without being too bubblegum or girly. Unfortunately for me, it’s not going to work out, but if you like any of Phoebe’s delicate features, go for it. Get the matching suspender belt, too, it’s the best part of this set- and there’s some tough competition for that.

A big thank you to Gossard for gifting me with this set for reviewing purposes. All opinions expressed are my own and will be interpreted as such.

Size in Phoebe: 30E

Regular size: 30DD/30E

3 thoughts on “Reviewed: Gossard Phoebe

  1. It’s so lovely!
    Such a shame it didn’t work out too well for you. But nonetheless,it’s good to keep what works for you and discard the ones that don’t.

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