Bras That Are Outside the Traditional Nude

For the duration of my bra-wearing career, I have always associated ‘nude’ with my own skin tone. And for the most part, companies agreed with me. Being white, I’m constantly inundated by nude bras that are designed to blend in on my skin. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of brands that accommodate other skin tones’ nudes- and even these bras aren’t advertised as ‘nude’, but rather ‘cocoa’ or ‘tan’.

This article is to celebrate the few companies who cater to skin tones different than mine and to help those who are seeking a non-traditional ‘nude’ to find the right bra.

Freya Deco Vibe

Deco Vobe
Thanks, Hourglassy! Available at and

Curvy Kate Daily Boost

Thanks, Stanikomania! Available in select sizes at
Thanks, Stanikomania! Available in select sizes at

Ewa Michalak

Thanks, Ewa Michalak!
Thanks, Ewa Michalak! Available at Ewa Michalak.

Claudette Dessous

Thanks, Largo Drive!
Thanks, Largo Drive! Available


Available at

Panache Loretta

panache loretta
Available at

Fantasie Eclipse

fantasie eclipse
Available at ,, and

Nubian Skin

nubian skin

Nubian Skin is a special lingerie brand that caters specifically to women with darker skin tones. Their bras go from 30-36 back and go up to a DD cup.

As to why there isn’t already a nude for every skin tone in the lingerie industry is beyond me, but hopefully we won’t have to wait that much longer. With any luck, Nubian Skin won’t be the only company to produce a full range of non-nude nudes.

Did I leave any companies out? What do you think about the lack of multi-color nude bras? Tell me about it down below!

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6 thoughts on “Bras That Are Outside the Traditional Nude

  1. It’s funny, I did not grow up in an English-speaking country and it was a shock to me when I arrived in the US to realize that people wanted bras that could basically blend with their skin color. In France I don’t remember ever seeing lingerie colorways called “skin” or “nude”–in fact these colors hardly ever appeared, there was black, white and “fun” colors… not anything really on the beige or brown spectrum. If people could sort of see your white bra under your white shirt, oh well, we all wear them so who cares? seemed to be the attitude, as I recall. (Maybe it has changed, I left France in the 90s).

    However, I have acclimatized to the US so I now understand that to many women here it feels very important to have undergarments that are not detectable, and therefore of course “nude” bras DO need to come in a range of shades. I’m torn on whether the colorways should be labeled as such though. It feels like the terminology will always end up sounding potentially a bit racist and dodgy (we’re all familiar with the exoticizing cliches about the skin tones of nonwhite women, and the color denominations for darker tones seem to often run to food/condiment metaphors which is awkward–Caramel, Chocolate, etc.) and making people feel weird about buying them. Why not just use color descriptors like Blush Pink, Pale Beige, Warm Beige, Taupe, Golden Brown, Deep Brown, etc.

    Since I’m in a “random bucket of thoughts” mode I shall add another one. As I am not too bothered about making my bra disappear under clothes, I enjoy buying a variety of different colors and I particularly like the look of medium to dark brown lingerie against my very pale skin. I find it flattering, more interesting than classic black lingerie (much as I love that too) while still being more elegant, to my eye, than the jewel colors which can easily look a bit cheap in some designs. So anyway, brown lingerie is a colorway I particularly look for and purchase. I’m sure I am not the only white consumer who feels this way. I would also love to have more options in “fancier” higher-end lingerie in this color range, not just basic molded cups.

    1. It is a big thing here to have your lingerie not show! I’m not sure why- I mean, we all wear it. I agree too, about that point with the colors of non-nude nude bras. Calling something “Chocolate” or “Latte” is a bit weird and could definitely be called “soft brown” or something to that effect.
      Brown lingerie isn’t that common, so I can’t even say whether or not it looks good on me- I’ve never been able to try it! There’s clearly this huge demand for lingerie in this color spectrum and it just isn’t being met. No idea why, but it’s a pretty silly situation.
      Cheers x

  2. I would also add the Fantasie Eclipse in Ombre. It’s at Nordstrom, Figleaves, HerRoom, and Bare Necessities. Stock may be limited though, as my size was sold out in that color.

  3. As someone that is a darker skin, I am happy to come across bras that can be considered as nude for me. I’ve gotten away with wearing blacks, dark purples and dark blues under white shirts. They essentially looked ‘nude’ under the white shirts (as in you couldn’t see what color bra I was wearing), but if I took off the shirt you could see they weren’t.

    1. It must be frustrating to have such limited options for nude bras. I hope more companies start realizing that their customers come in more than one shade of nude!! Thank you for reading xx

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