Reviewed: Freya Ruffle My Feathers Bra

Please excuse the tilted hanger-I couldn't get it to stay straight!
Please excuse the tilted hanger-I couldn’t get it to stay straight!

Hello, all! It’s been a while since I’ve had a Freya, and this was the bra that made me wonder why. Like most Freya customers, I’m very unhappy about them cutting back on sizes- more specifically, on not releasing this bra in a 28 band. They did this last year with the Freya Untamed, and this bra is about the same cut and fabric as that one. However, I saw this bra on the runway show and I fell in love with the print. I bought it with the intention of altering the band to suit me (which I still have yet to do).

The Good:

1. The Looks

It’s a beautiful mix of blues, with purple feathers as the print. It’s very pretty, the fabric is entirely sheer (though the print makes it less so) and very lightweight – one might even say featherweight (ha, ha). The wires are standard firmness, and the straps, much to my pleasure (though I don’t think the same could be said for someone with small shoulders) are very long and fully adjustable. I find with Cleo bras, not only are the straps too thin and barely padded, they’re also often too short and dig in. Not the case with these babies! 😀

2. The Fit

I was pretty surprised when I put Ruffle My Feathers on. Freya typically has very projected bras with narrow underwires (this holds true with this bra, though they’re not OVERLY narrow) which is so opposite for my shape, but for whatever reason it worked for me. It’s a bit different than my natural shape, and creates a very up-front, very projected shape. Be noted that this bra isn’t for full-on-bottom breasts, as I noticed that I’m orange-in-a-glass-ing ever so slightly. The fabric is comfortable and breathable, but probably not for colder months because it’s so sheer (and I don’t know about you, but I like the girls to have a bit of insulation when the temperature drops).


The Bad:

1. The Band

Now, keep in mind that this isn’t fair of me to do- after all, I did buy it in the smallest available band size (a 30) and knew it would be too big. But seriously Freya, what gives?! This is the only bra I liked coming out of their A/W season, and they went ahead and cut out 28 bands, so I’m going to complain about the band sizing anyway. For a 30 band, it’s pretty firm (I think, anyway). It’s more snug than a standard Freya band, I can tell you that. It’s almost the same tightness as my Freya Patsy in a 28 (which is large for a 28 band, now that I think about it…). But it would be really nice if Freya would quit sizing out their customers- sizes should be expanding (like the mythical 26 band, please and thank you, or K cups) and I feel like they’re going backwards with this.

2. The Shape

This is more of a personal preference. I know a lot of people like this shape- but the bra gives a very, very uplifted, projected shape (the word ‘conical’ comes to mind). It pushes everything front and centre and while it’s not pointy, it looks almost vintage-y. To me, it looks a bit off underneath tighter clothes, and I prefer to wear it with less fitting ones. It kind of flattens my breasts at the top, and then forces everything forward at the apex. It’s probably better for breasts that are projected with narrow roots. Being someone with bottom fullness, and wide roots, it definitely wasn’t made for somebody like me in mind. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it still works- but it’s different and might not agree with everyone who puts it on.



I’d definitely recommend this bra if you like and suit any of the things mentioned above. It’s very pretty, gives the most lift I’ve seen from any bra thus far, and the material, band and straps are comfortable. The bra might not work if you have very wide roots or very bottom-heavy breasts, but I would definitely try it if you like the print (and don’t fall in the 28 band and under category) ((thanks a lot, Freya)).


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