Reviewed: Dita Von Teese Madame X Set

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Good morning/afternoon/evening (please select one), my beautiful readers. Today I write to you from my chilly little house, as I am home for the holidays and am freezing (seriously, where did the heat go?) As a result, I am bundled in two pairs of pants, three shirts, and some fuzzy socks. Ironic, considering that in these photos I’m not wearing a whole lot. I’m done all my schoolwork, but am swamped in a stack of reviews almost as tall as me. But let’s get into the review- on the docket today is Dita Von Teese’s Madame X set. I opted for the soft bra over the wired version because I absolutely adored the cutout detailing in the centre. I was also interested in the half-padded detail, so I chose it and hoped for the best. Before I go any further, I think it should be noted that this set looks fantastic and photographs astoundingly well, so i give it perfect for the aesthetic.

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Unfortunately for me, the suspender belt was sold out in an 8, so I got it in a 10. It’s a bit roomy for me, but it’s not a deal-breaker and I’m still figuring out how I can take it in. The underwear are surprisingly comfortable considering the strap detailing and thick fabric that they’re made of. The bra itself is wonderful. It looks stellar peeking out of a low-cut top, and is weirdly comfy, as the strapping can’t be felt once you’re wearing it. It’s made of supremely durable fabric that my unfortunately low-res camera didn’t quite pick up.

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The vertical seams running up the cups are actually little tiny holes, as you can see in the photo above. The upper part of the cup is soft lace and the bottom is a strange, thick fabric that isn’t exactly padded but is too stiff to be considered ‘soft’. The lace actually has purple accents, which you can’t see in the photos. It’s hardly noticeable in person, but it’sa subtle little touch that breaks up the black and gives it some dimension. Photo 316
 The band runs slightly snug, a fact that I know because in the photos I’m wearing a 34C. It’s too big in the 34, but nowhere near as big as most 34s are on me. The shape is rounded and natural, and looks very nice under clothes as well as out of them. The only drawback is the price tag-most of Dita’s Von Follies collection is priced as extravagantly as the pieces themselves, but I’m  confirming that it’s worth it. If you’re looking to splurge on a beautiful, high-quality set, this one is definitely something to consider. Check out the excerpts from the photo shoot below!

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Here’s wishing you a wonderful week. You’ll hear from me again before Christmas, so I need not wish you a merry one quite yet. Have you tried any pieces from Dita’s collections? Would you like to? Tell me down below!

Until next time, AFILAL

2 thoughts on “Reviewed: Dita Von Teese Madame X Set

  1. I’m getting this set soon and I’m super excited! I was wondering how true the fit of the briefs is – I’m between a small and a medium and I’m unsure what direction to go in. Doesn’t help that I’m ordering from an EU site so the sizes are different 😛

    1. Hey! Rightfully so, it’s a gorgeous set!! The briefs are pretty TTS, if not a bit small. I got the S when I was between an XS and a S. Hope that helps!! Xx

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