A Year in the Making

Hello, my beautiful readers! Can you believe that it’s been over a year since I started blogging? I remember when I was reading blogs like Bras and Body Image, Invest in Your Chest, Miss Underpinnings, and the Undie GamerΒ (and way too many others to name) thinking how amazing these women were and hoping to one day be among them with a blog of my own.

I decided to start AFILAL two summers ago during a brief manic episode, but didn’t start posting regularly until November of the same year. It’s been a long and fruitful journey since I began AFILAL and it seems like so much longer than only a year. In fact, I can’t remember my life before this blog- what on earth did I do in my spare time?

To celebrate this milestone, I’ve decided to do a count of all the aspects of this blog. So without further adieu…

1. My first article…

…Was titled “How to Measure” and consisted of-you guessed it- a guide on how to properly measure yourself to determine bra size. My first review was the Cleo Marcie in Candy Pink, and is slightly awkward to read. Maybe this is just to me, though, solely because I know that at that point, I had no idea what I was doing. Ah, memories.

2. My most popular article…

…Is called How to Make Your Bra Cups SmallerΒ and was my fourth article ever posted. It’s been viewed over ten thousand times at the time of this article, and is usually the most-viewed article of the day.

3. My first comment….

….Made me squeal like a little girl. The first time I saw it was when I checked my email, and I excitedly tugged on my friend’s arm to show her. The comment itself was asking for advice on an alteration, but to me, it was like somebody had told me I’d be the next recipient of the Nobel Prize.

4. My mom’s reaction when she saw a photo of me on this blog for the first time…

…”Oh, that’s…that’s you”.

Photo 246

5. My favorite photo



…Comes form the Mimi Holliday Baby Cakes Comfort Bra review. This was from the first legitimate photo shoot that I ever did, and I love it. There’s just something about it- probably the waspie.

6. My favorite article…

…Was the Lingerie and Sexuality piece I did, explaining what lingerie meant to me and why it wasn’t as sexual as everyone makes it out to be.

7. Reviews that never made it past the drawing board…

…The Huit Manhattan Full Cup Bra


Never really got around to it.

Elle Macpherson Dentelle

Photo 276

Wasn’t crazy about the color for this one, so I’m biding my time until it goes on sale in another color to buy it again and review it.

Midnight Grace Olivia

Photo 279

Kind of ugly and was only ‘meh’ about it.

Parfait By Affinitas Charlotte



This bra really just wasn’t that great of a fit at the time, so I returned it but am now looking at that delicious new ice blue color to review.

Mimi Holliday bra that i can’t recall the proper name for.

Worn about 3 times before it stopped fitting me. In new condition. Asking for $35 plus shipping.

I forgot I owned this bra until it was too late to review.

Panache Colette


Everything about this bra struck me as “meh”. Looking back, I wish I had reviewed it, but I just couldn’t find enough words to fill a post about it.

L’agent by L’agent Provocateur

Photo 326

Photo 320

Wasn’t terribly impressed by either of these sets, so they went back.


9. The first time I told my friends about my blog…

…Was about three months in, and they were shocked but excited. They immediately demanded to see it and shrieked out of excitement for about twenty minutes when they did. Funnily enough, I tell everyone and anyone about my blog. It’s a great conversation starter, and makes people remember me as ‘the lingerie girl’ (a title I don’t have a problem with).

10. My favorite set

Gifted by Large Cup Lingerie, the Parfait Affinitas Danielle set is truly stunning (and so functional).

2014-06-14 11.55.37

11. The best part about this blog…

…you guys. every single one of you. Comments and likes from you makes my day, This blog lets me share something I love with people all over the world who love it just as much as I do, and without you all, there would be no blog. So thank you, to every person who read me and thought, “Hey, this isn’t half bad”.

12. …And the worst…

…Secret identities. I wish I could share more about my life and at least have my whole name and face in the pictures and blog, but y’know. There be creepy people on the Internets.

13. The first company that ever sent me something…

…Goes to the amazing Large Cup Lingerie. They’re so supportive of so many blogs, and I think that’s incredible.

14. Memorable and exciting moments in the last year…

…Would probably be the very first day I got Twitter, and Cora Harrington of The Lingerie Addict tweeted my blog. I squealed. As well, watching my Facebook likes, Twitter followers, and Blog followers lowly go up make me excited like no sale has ever managed. Also, I’m opening a lingerie boutique on February first. So, that’s cool, too.

15. The best bra that I’ve reviewed…

…Would definitely be the Panache Andorra. The most practical and comfortable everyday bra hands-down, this is the only bra in which I own multiple colors.

Photo 339

Photo 341


16. And finally, Things to look forward to in the coming days and New Year…

Photo 371

Photo 372

Photo 356





Thank you for reading, and I wish you the merriest of Christmases. I look forward to the upcoming posts and events in the new year, and look forward to sharing them all with you. Cheers, and happy birthday, All’s Fair in Love and Lingerie!



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  1. Congrats on over a year of blogging! I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts and reviews, and it looks like you have some amazing ones coming up this year too πŸ™‚ We’ve just passed the year mark on our blog too, although we forgot to do anything to commemorate it – oops!

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