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Good day, my lovelies. I hope you’ve had spectacular holidays, and a Happy New year to those who have rung it in already. And now for lack of a better transition, onto the review:

Like most luxury lingerie brands, I’ve had my eye on All Undone for a while. Their streamlined look stands out among a sea of ruffles and bows, and they manage to maintain the ‘luxury’ label without a touch of satin. In fact, it reminds me of Fortnight in this way- simple, classic, and bowless. DSC_0565All Undone scores major points for having front strap adjusters. They also get credit for using chantilly lace in a way that’s new and not ultra-feminine. The silver panels are made of silk and aren’t actually attached to the lace portion of the cups, making the appearance under clothes not quite as smooth as I’d like, but I’ve definitely had more obvious-under-clothes padded bras.

Look ma, no bow!


The padding on the bra is light and doesn’t add bulk to your shape. It gives a naturally rounded profile akin to an unpadded Ewa Michalak, and is rather open on top. I’ve read that these cups are on the shallow side, but did not find this to be the case. I suppose once you wear the Tutti Rouge Liliana, it’s difficult to label another bra as ‘shallow’, because Liliana takes the cake in that department. However, compared to Polish brands, these cups are considerably less projected, though still true-to-size.



If I’m being candid, which I something I pride myself on being in my posts, I didn’t particularly like the look of the All Undone bras. I bought Queenie as a result of a Cyber Monday sale and had the intention of returning it after I’d reviewed it. Unluckily for my wallet, though, I couldn’t bring myself to return it, because the thing is just so gosh darn comfortable. Seriously, I’m talking eight hours of wear and no regrets type of comfort. Fast forward several wears and many moments of deliberation in the mirror, and the look of the bra has grown on me, too. So much so that I’m going back for the Mai and the Lola  during All Undone’s next sale (I am a student, after all).

DSC_0548So, is the price worth it? In my humble opinion, yes. I love the way the bra looks now, and it’s so absurdly comfortable that I can’t imagine what I wore before- another aspect of this bra that I’d aliken to Fortnight. I hope the next bras I buy from All Undone are just as comfortable and unique as the Queenie, because this has quickly become one of my favorite bras and I’m so thrilled that I bought it.


I found the band to be fairly snug size in a 30DD, though I do wish the 28E was in stock, as the 30 is a still bit loose on me.

The only problem I found with Queenie was how she was delivered. Padded bras go in boxes or bubble mailers. Queenie was delivered to me completely crushed in a bag, and for a bra as expensive as this one, I do believe a box is in order.

And just as an added thing, here’s a photo with the flash on so you can all see the awesomeness that is the metallic silver of Queenie:

Behold, my blinding whiteness!

Have you tried All Undone? Would you like to? let me know what you think in the comments down below!

Until net time, AFILAL









2 thoughts on “Reviewed: All Undone Queenie

  1. Of all the things I dig about the bra, I really dig the light grey hexagon in the middle (or, to be more grim, the grey coffin). It makes the design so much more modern! Though I admit that I dislike bows in general–they simply add an air of cheapness or childishness. I would much rather have nothing or even a little charm!

    That being said, I am going through your reviews and I am enjoying them! The paragraphs are comfortable to read (doesn’t make me feel inundated), and you have a charming voice! 🙂

    1. Hi! I know, All Undone makes such modern, clean designs (one of the main reasons I love them!) For me, bows can either add to a garment or like you said, make it look cheap if they’re not done right. And thank you so much, I’m so glad you’re enjoying the reviews! xx

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