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Hello, all! School is back with a vengeance, and it’s been snowing like it’s nobody’s business outside for the last few days. That and the fact that parking lot has transformed into a skating rink means that I’ll be staying inside for the next little while. All this time locked in my little apartment has given me a new lease on wearing bras around the house- and has made me infinitely more critical, as my bra-free zone (aka my apartment) has now seen the glorious combination of huge t-shirts, sweats and a bra. I know I’m a little late to the party on these two,but I thought I’d review them anyway, and I’ll explain why in a second.

The Good

1. The Band

I’m going to refer to these bras as the holy grail for anyone who needs a 26 band. Both these bras are a 28F, yet neither of them fit like any other 28F I’ve tried. I would compare them to an altered band of mine, because it fits about  band size smaller than what the label says. I find that bras either have short bands but are very stretchy, or are long but quite firm. This band is a combination of both- it’s small, and very firm- and I’m in love. It’s the first bra I’ve put on that I could wear on the second-loosest hook without altering it, that held everything in all day, and I sincerely hope Cleo keeps rolling out these tight 28 bands in different styles of bras, because if they do I’ll buy them all.



2. The prints

I’m a sucker for a good print and colors that clash so much they match The Melissa, in fact, has the reddish-orange/blue color combination that I’m in love with. Everything about it is so cute- the cloud detailing on the lace, and the berry print on the cups. It’s gorgeous, unique, and I don’t have anything else that looks like it. My sister isn’t crazy about the print, but I am! The Ellis isn’t quite as striking in the coloring, but the flower detailing in the lace makes up for it. The flowers are slightly watercolor-y, the green vivid, and the striking deep pink-outlined flowers on the lace make it a stunning piece.



3. The Shape

Cleo bras usually give amazing shape. If you’re looking for uplifted and rounded, look no further than Cleo. These bras are no exception. The shape is uplifted and super round, which I find to be very ideal. Some prefer a more natural shape, but I find that most bras have that shape, so I appreciate a really round shape every now and again.

The Bad

1. The Fit

The bras didn’t fit me the best. The Ellis has larger cups than the Melissa does, so it fits me better. The Ellis is open on top as well, which I really like. Unfortunately, these bras are designed with projected breasts in mind, and as someone with only moderate projection, I found the shape incompatible with me. The Melissa’s cups ran small, and the red lace as closed on top- not ideal for me. If you’ve got spread-out breast tissue and not much projection, I wouldn’t recommend these bras.



2. The Straps

Would it kill Cleo to make their straps longer? I’ve come to terms with the width, but good Heavens, I had them loosened all the way in order to incorporate my broad shoulders so the bras could be worn comfortably. ‘d also love if they padded their straps and band, as the bare elastic tends to dig after long periods, but that’s all very secondary and not a deal-breaker. The strap length, on the other hand, absolutely is.


I love the band on the Melissa and Ellis. I love the looks of the bras, and the incredibly firm and rounded shape they give- almost like they’re padded. They keep everything in place all day and were extremely comfortable because of it. However, if I could change just one thing, it would be the strap length. It’d be nice for Cleo to make their straps longer so I don’t look like a hunchback all day (they really were that short) and for Cleo to take this band and match it with different shapes. That way, people who don’t have projected breasts can wear them, too! If you have projected breasts, go for these bras. If you have small shoulders and have issues with bra straps sliding off no mater how much you tighten them, go for these bras. If you have not much forward projection, shallow breasts, or spread-out breast tissue, I’d advise that you look elsewhere. Even though these bras aren’t with the newest season, they’re available on eBay and Ellis is still available on Figleaves in a few sizes.

I’d love to know your experiences with these bras, and tell me what you think below! Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Reviewed: Cleo Melissa and Ellis

  1. As much as I love the look and shape of these bras I am SO glad you pointed out how very short the straps are! I thought it was just me (I have broad shoulders, I’m relatively tall at 5’7 and I think my breasts start rather low on my chest) but I guess it’s not! I have to loosen the straps all the way on my Cleos, it can be pretty uncomfortable.
    I love the fit of Melissa, but the more open cups/lace section on the Ellis were much were too loose for my relatively top heavy breasts. I was so gutted, the rest of the cup fits perfectly and gives a gorgeous shape that I feel actually minimises the look of my boobs from the front. I’ve tried to sell it on eBay with no luck, perhaps I’ll just try to alter the lace section to sit flat on me.
    I have the Marcie in red too and the shape on that is to die for, and I’d wear it and these two all the time… but the wires are actually really uncomfortable for me 🙁 I can’t figure out what it is about (most) Cleo bras in this cut. I’ve tried bending the wires away from my body near my arm pits and at the centre but they still dig in like crazy!
    The saddest thing is I still scour the web looking for more Cleos on sale to buy. Ridiculous, but true.

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