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I’ve wanted to give the Dessous a try for a while. They come in a plethora of colors, and the design is simple yet striking – two of my favorite things. It’s the kind of bra that Miss Underpinnings has described as belonging to the Middle Market. And since Claudette recently  expanded to 28-bands, I decided to finally give them a go. However, I couldn’t get a hold of any 28 bands, so I decided to go for 30 and alter as necessary. I bought three different colors in three different sizes, spanning from one of their earliest seasons all the way to their most current one.  Unfortunately, I found a few issues with Dessous that I couldn’t quite overlook.

The Good

1. Just Look at Them

I think the color combinations are amazing.  I love the neon, and the slightly-clashy pops of color that make the bras so unique. The clean, sophisticated design is brought to life with the colorways, making the designs appropriate for pretty much anyone.




2. The Fit Improvements

I found the fit between these three bras to vary hugely. Admittedly, they’re in sizes 30D, 30DD (altered), and 30E, but since they’re all from different seasons, the fit was quite inconsistent. But I must credit Claudette to the fact that the fit of the oldest Dessous (the leopard one) compared to the most recent one (blue and pink) had evolved greatly. The straps got thicker, the cups were shaped better, and the band became more true-to-size. If Claudette keeps up with the fine-tuning (and the amazing colors!!), I’d absolutely be willing to try the Dessous again in later seasons.



The Bad

1. Huge Fit Inconsistencies

As I’ve mentioned, there were huge differences between the shapes of each bra. and I’m not just talking sizes- even in different sizes, the bra’s cup and wire shape will probably stay the same. Yet each Dessous seemed to have its own wire and cup shape, which left me feeling extremely confused. It was as if they were three different bras. The leopard (though was far too small for me in the cups) was the smallest 30D I’ve ever seen, and had a huge, stretchy band. The fabric was awesome, though, because it was light yet substantial and pretty comfortable. The cyber yellow color, my favorite colorway (I found it to be a kind of an eyesore, but in an endearing way) had strange fabric that was the least comfortable. It was stiff mesh that didn’t at all form to fit me, and wrinkled in weird places even though the cups were too small. This one’s band was also huge. The wires on this bra were a lot narrower and I found it more similar to a plunge than a full cup. The blue and pink Dessous fit the best by far, as the cups were the right size, and the band was thicker than the other two and snug for a thirty. It also had thicker straps, wider wires, and differently-shaped cups. It was definitely a full cup, but was pretty wide on me and I found the cups and straps came just past my underarm. This led to some serious chaffing and a very unhappy wearer.




2. The Fabric

The fabric of the most recent Dessous was a stiff yet lightweight mesh. Supposedly, the bra is supposed to give and break in with wash and wear, making it softer and more comfortable. I didn’t keep any of the three long enough to find out, but keep that in mind if you’re thinking about trying a Dessous. To me, the fabric made the bra a bit weird-feeling to wear, but it was very forgiving if you didn’t quite fill out the cup on your smaller boob- it hardly wrinkled at all, so consider this one if you’re asymmetrical.

Note the differences in straps between these three bras




I’m excited to see the Dessous bras in the coming seasons. I’m hoping Claudette will work out some of the fit issues, because if they do, I’d love to give Dessous another try- I’m not ready to give up on those neon colors quite yet. Overall, I found the cups to be relatively shallow and best suited to spread-out breast tissue. It wasn’t quite the right fit for me, and if I could tweak it I would make the cups narrower and deeper, but I highly recommend it to anyone who is shallow, has spread-out breast tissue, and likes a full-coverage fit. Let me know if you’ve given the Dessous a try, and how you found the fit!

Coming soon is the Caludette Fishnet review.

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6 thoughts on “Reviewed: Claudette Dessous

  1. Shame they didn’t work out – I’ve been lusting over the Dessous for ages but just couldn’t justify an online purchase with all the fit issues… Plus it doesn’t sound like it’d work for me anyway!

    1. Good eye! I did notice that when I was shooting them, but I decided to leave it in for convenience’s sake. The bra was initially a 32D but I altered it down to a 30DD, which is why I put (altered) afterthe 30 DD size in the article. I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

      1. Yes, you make me want to buy them all! But sadly i CANNOT find the yellow one anywhere. It’s just such a wonderful summer color! So I might settle for the blue instead 😉

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