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It’s pretty, isn’t it? Beautiful luxurious fabric, delicate and sexy grey lace and feminine trimmings-this is why I decided to give Clara a try. I was successful with the Andorra and reasoned that the two couldn’t be that dissimilar in fit. Unfortunately the fit of the two bras on me was quite different, and thus the Clara and I can never be. When I first put on Clara, I thought the bra fit like a dream. There was no gaping whatsoever an the cups were filled out perfectly. The shape wasn’t too bad, either- I prefer slightly more rounded than the upfront and pointed look Clara gives, but that’s not a dealbreaker for me. What IS a dealbreaker is when I turn to the side and see this:

*screeching horror music plays*
*screeching horror music plays*
*the music grows even louder*
*the music grows even louder*

I’ll admit that the lighting in these photos isn’t stellar, so you may be wondering what you’re looking at. Well, I’ll tell you- the Clara is so shallow at the bottom that it’s giving me some of the worst orange-in-glass I’ve ever had. I’ve got pretty firm breast tissue and very bottom-heavy boobs, but even this is a first for me. The Andorra does this ever so slightly, and it really doesn’t effect how it looks under clothes or shape. This isn’t noticeable under clothes either, but it’s so noticeable and silly-looking that I can’t keep it.

The band was pretty loose and pretty stretchy, too, and I had to alter it quite a bit to make it fit. I’m seriously hoping Panache releases 28 backs in all of their styles in the coming collections- it’s never made much sense to me to only do it in some styles. The shape given was better and features less coverage than the Andorra full cup, but the fabric was still a bit itchy on my sensitive skin. It’s a gorgeous bra, but unfortunately it’s so incompatible with my shape that it just won’t work. The best thing I can say about it was the wire and strap width, which were more narrow than the average balconet.

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Photo 246

The Clara is definitely for the full-on-top, projected ladies. If you’re mostly bottom-heavy or shallow, I wouldn’t attempt the Clara. Hopefully Panache considers expanding their size range in the future – and seriously considers investing in some new fabric while keeping up with their awesome designs. Let me know how the Andorra or Clara worked for you, and what you think about Panache’s size range. 

Until next time, -AFILAL

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