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Ah, the Betty. The elusive Betty- it’s a funny story of how I came to have mine. Way back in November, I had ordered the Betty as an early Christmas gift for myself. I received the Tutti Rouge Frankie instead, and the fine folks at LCL  dispatched the correct order immediately. Fast forward another month or so, and still no Betty. I contacted them again and they said it should have been there by now, and dispatched yet another one to me. Another month later, I still hand’t received anything, so I contacted LCL to let them know. The woman who received my message went straight to the post office, where they handed her the two packages, each containing a Tutti Rouge Betty in size 28F. It turns out that the apartment number I was living in hadn’t been specified (which was probably my mistake) and they made the address corrections and sent it off right away. I got it in my mail box a week later, and have been smitten ever since.


Tutti Rouge has a thing for frills, and the Betty is a pretty good testament to that. It’s luxe, frilly, and looks a lot more expensive than it was. The colors are rich and vibrant, the print is gorgeous, and the materials are soft and supportive. I had some concerns before I tried it on- I was curious as to how itchy the frills were going to be, how wide the straps and wires were going to be, and how visible it was going to be under clothes. Surprisingly, it’s nearly invisible under anything that isn’t tight-fitting, and it feels like a regular t-shirt bra- no itches from the lace, and after tweaking the wires, it did a much better job at supporting the girls.


One thing to be cautious of is that this bra has some seriously wide underwires and straps. I bent the wires to get a good fit, but f I hadn’t, it would have had to go back. The straps were wide but nicely padded so they didn’t chafe, and the cups would be good for both shallow shapes (perhaps slightly more so) and projected shapes. Narrow roots and narrow shoulders be warned, this bra definitely isn’t for you if you don’t plan on altering it.

The band is nice and firm, and slightly stretchy. It’s definitely closer to a 26 than a 28, as I found I could wear it on the loosest hook for a little while before moving on to the second and third (definitely a rare occurrence for me!).


The bra was comfortable, but not to the point where I could wear it all day without any complaints. Before I bent the wires, they were so wide that the bra slid down my body while I was wearing it because the wires were too wide to cup my boobs properly. Bending the wires also made the band more snug , which was a plus for me because now I don’t think I’ll have to alter it, and made the Betty all-around more comfortable.


The Betty is definitely a favorite padded bra of mine. I like to wear it under low-cut tops as it gives that delightful “cakes on a plate” cleavage, and I find myself reaching for it when I don’t mind a little bra peek-through. This bra is definitely for wide roots and wide shoulders, as most Tutti Rouge styles seem to be suited for. I’d love to see Tutti Rouge come out with a bra that’s more fit for narrow roots and shoulders, but until then…



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  1. Do you have measurements of the cup depth of this bra? (a la Bratabase), I keep reading that Tutti Rouge runs very shallow but cup depth and width are just the two numbers I cannot find there! :-/

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