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Hey, everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve tried a Claudette- which is why I’m bringing this to you today! I first saw the Fishnet as part of the Curve Expo photos and thought it was really unique. I had to sell a kidney on the black market (just kidding, I promise) in order to afford it, but I ordered it, and I finally got around to reviewing it, and I am THRILLED. The California-based boutique, Faire Frou Frou is the only place that carries the amazing aqua color and has a massive range of Claudette lingerie, so if you’re interested, check that out!

Now, to begin: WOULD YOU LOOK AT THE COLOR? It’s really that shade in person. I guess this is a downside for some people, but I’ve recently hopped onto the neon train and am loving how it looks.


Now, before I begin, I’m going to put a little disclaimer here in regards to those pesky wrinkles- on my bigger days, those are gone, but since I’m at the beginning of my cycle, the ladies are a bit lacking this week- so proceed with that knowledge!

The shape the Fishnet gives is a weird, uplifted hybrid between rounded and natural-something that I’ve come to love.

Ignore those wrinkles
Ignore those wrinkles

The most important thing for me about this bra is the cup construction. It’s unlike any other bra that I’ve tried due to the two-part-but-not-vertical-seam cups. The vest shape of the bra gives amazing support and I found that it wore like a three-seam bra rather than a two-seam one. The wires are narrow (my roots rejoice!) and comparable to the Panache Andorra. The wires are lined with black velvet, which is actually quite comfy and not noticeable until you get up close. The straps are also velvet, and the elastic is wrapped in it. The fabric is quite comfortable and very breathable (which will be great once summer weather finally decides to show itself), but be warned: it wrinkles like crazy upon even the tiniest lack of fullness, so you may want to size down.

The band is the same stretch mesh fabric as the cups and I found it to be supportive, firm, but still too big in the 30E I bought. The photos show the altered size. I happen to know for a fact that this bra works very well for shallow people- my roommate, who wears a “32B” (weep), tried it on and it fit her even better than it fit me.


This is definitely an even or bottom-fullness bra, as the cups are definitely deeper towards the bottom, and the velvet can dig in a little bit. Fortunately the fabric is stretchy and accommodating to breast size, and if not for those annoying wrinkles, they would be perfect. The bra is also completely visible under something that isn’t completely opaque, so don’t wear this with a sheer top or blouse- and especially don’t wear it while you’re meeting a prospective client like I did.   I would stay away from this one if you have wide roots, a lot of full on top volume or a lot of projection. Due to the stretchy nature of the cups, I think it’s really versatile for a lot of shapes, and highly recommend it to those who are looking to try something different than the usual three-seam lace upper-portion bra, then the Fishnet is for you.

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P.S. Let me know what you think of the new theme and design! I’ll be playing around with it for a while, so feel free to make recommendations!

4 thoughts on “Reviewed: Claudette Fishnet

  1. I JUST got this bra as well. isn’t it awesome?!

    Question for you though: You have experience with Dessous bras as well, right? Do you take the same cup volume in the Fishnet and Dessous? I take a 30DD in the fishnet, and am trying to figure out my Dessous size as well (leaning toward 28E in their new styles, as I’ve heard they run truer to size).

    1. IT’S AMAZING! Claudette can keep these babies coming. It’s kind of hard to compare the cup volume between the two- but the Dessous definitely has a much different shape and a deeper cup than fishnet does, so I would certainly size down. The 30E Dessous was too big on me and had huge wires, so I’d go for a 28E/30DD. Hope that helps x

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