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Hey, everyone! I hope this winter is going well for you. It’s ticking by rather slowly for me, and this freezing weather isn’t helping.

Perhaps it’s the weather that made me buy the Lulu bra, because the icy blue colour made me think of the cold outside. In a good way, of course.

Now, I love Lonely Hearts’ stuff. The bondage-inspired designs crossed with delicate lace makes me positively giddy, so I was excited to buy Lulu (despite the cost). But beautiful as it is, this one’s up for sale. It just wouldn’t work for me– I mean, it looks amazing, but there are so many fit problems that compromise comfort that even the pretty straps can’t make up for it.


The bra itself is made of soft, stretchy, forgiving lace and velveteen straps. The two straps you see in the center that hook onto the gore are detachable and can be put behind your neck in a halter style. The best part about the bra is that you can adjust almost every strap, making the fit customizable. Unfortunately for me, it was hard to tell if the size wasn’t working out or if the shape was altogether wrong. I’d started out with a 30E, but that size fit my sister better (who wears a 28FF) than me, so I exchanged for a size down. However, seeing as how I now wear a 28E, the 30DD was a bit generous in proportions, so it was a little bit too wide for me and did some serious underarm chaffing.


The underwires, as you can kind of see from the photo, are lifting off my chest a little bit. In fact, the entire underwire sat on top of my boob rather than cupping it, so the result was a lot of sliding around, readjusting, and resentment at the bra choice I’d made that day. I think that’s because the wires are too big, so instead of cupping they just sort of lay on top.

Yes, I kept the tag on- not making the mistake of removing it prematurely again! Also, please note that the loopiness you see on the straps over the band are a result of the way I was sitting, not the bra.

I found the 30 band to be a bit spacious, but that’s to be expected of a 30 band on my 26-inch ribcage. The profile is actually quite rounded, which I found to be a bit surprising seeing as how the cups are one piece and lace. However, try as I might, it just wouldn’t work.

Now, with all that said, my sister loved this bra. She found it to be the most comfortable 30E she’d ever worn, and was very sad indeed when I shipped it back. Not to mention that it looked about fifty times better on her than it did on me, as it was actually the right size for her.


When I bought this bra, I thought it would be more of a ‘special occasion’ bra. I was proven incorrect, though, because it looks absolutely fantastic peeking out from under a tank top or loose sweater.


I’d recommend this bra for a lot of different shapes. The wires are definitely wide, but the lace of the cups combined with the one-piece construction makes for a very versatile fit. I think those with softer boob tissue would do better in this bra, so your breasts don’t push the bra away from your ribcage like mine do.

As for me, I haven’t given up hope yet– The Lulu in this color is sold out now, but I intend on re-purchasing either it, or the Cyd in a 30D. They’re too pretty to pass up, and I’m in love with the designs of Lonley Hearts.

2 thoughts on “Reviewed: Lonely Hearts Lulu

  1. This looks so lovely on you! It’s a shame about the fit issues – I hope you have better luck next time around. I’ve tried their cyd styles and have been really happy with them, but I think the underwires are also quite wide(for me this is a good thing, though).

    1. Thank you!! It is a shame, but I’ll definitely be trying the Cyd styles, and hopefully those work out. Great review, by the way 🙂

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