Reviewed: Ewa Michalak Prohibicja

DSC_0781Hello, lovelies!

I’m back this week with my second Ewa review ever on this blog. The first padded style I’ve ordered from Ewa Michalak, I saw the little tie detailing on the Prohibicja and was sold. It reminds me a little of James Bond, with the menswear stripes and tie. The lace adds a feminine touch, and the red piping ties (ha, ha) it all together.

Without the pads- note the gap
With the pads!
With the pads!

I bought it in my usual EM size, 65DD, but quickly realized that I should have sized down. The cups, in all their loveliness, are very open on top and I can’t quite fill them without the pads. With the pads, I get delightful cleavage (something very rare for me) and fill out my tops nicely.


The band is very, very snug and felt somewhere in between a 26 and a 28, so you might want to size up if you’re worried about a tight fit.

As for comfort, I was a bit skeptical at first. My Comexim bras tend to disappear as soon as I put them on– I’m completely unaware that I’m wearing a bra throughout the day. I found with this one that while I wasn’t uncomfortable, per say, I was constantly aware that I had a bra on.


I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s a bit of a break-in period with this bra. At first, it wears a little stiff, but as time passed it softened up and I found it to be almost more comfortable than my Comexim bras. It’s definitely more substantial and with heavier padding– something I’m neutral to. The wires are medium-wide and the balconette style is great for perking your boobs up. While I was wearing this bra, I received a few compliments on my chest from some of my more forward friends (one of which included a gesture at my chest and then a thumbs up), so I’d say this one’s fantastic in terms of shape and lift.

Prohibicja review 1

Overall, I’d call this bra a win. Even though it doesn’t quite fit, I’ll definitely be buying this style in the future (in a size down). Hopefully I’ll still be able to wear the push up pads in the size down, because I really, really like them– I didn’t know cleavage for me was even possible. I’m also very interested in trying EM’s other padded styles, because it seems like I’m having more luck with them than the non-padded ones.



As always, thank you for reading, and I’ll be back in a week.

Until then,


2 thoughts on “Reviewed: Ewa Michalak Prohibicja

  1. I think its a very pretty bra. I would love an Ewa but when it comes to figuring out their sizing and the price conversion to us dollars I would be completely lost.

    1. I was the same way- as for price conversions there’s a lot of online conversion sites that do that for you, and as for sizing, it’s a bit of trial and error, but definitely worth it once you get it figured out 🙂 Try ordering your usual size, or asking the community for help- that’s what I did. Cheers xx

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