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I’ve been getting kinda pudgy as of late (for me, anyway), it being winter and me not being able to exercise as I would in the summer. I’ve since had to get creative with my workout routine, but something was severely missing from my activewear wardrobe– something to hold down my chest when things got rough. I decided to go for it and buy the Panache Sports bra in the colorway I’d been eyeing ever since it came out. After all, it was on sale at Figleaves in my size– it only made sense.

In person, the colors are far more vibrant than they appear online. It’s a beautiful cobalt blue paired with grey and neon orange. Blue and orange fall into the category of “favorite color combinations of all time”, so the brighter the better.


The bra looked a little big to me online, so I cautiously ordered a size down from my regular size (28E, ordered a 28DD) and am glad I did, because the fit is spot-on. The bra is super comfortable, and the underwires are nicely encased in seamless padding and aren’t noticeable besides the support they give. The molded cups are deep and the neckline is rather closed, so if that sounds like it’d work for you, I’d definitely give this a shot.

panache sport revew 2

The only thing that compromises the fit is how tight the band is. Tight, not snug– as in, too tight. I wore the bra during one of my “run up and down the stairs of your apartment building as many times as you can” sessions, and by the time I’d reached the top step, I could barely breathe, and it wasn’t because of my asthma.


For any other bra, this would be a great thing. However, since I’m going to be constantly breathing heavily while wearing it, it’s definitely enough to make me either size up or use an extender. I reason Panache made the band so tight to help their customers in need of a lot of support. I don’t need that level of support, but someone who does might really like the tight band.


One last thing of note is the straps. Like most Panache bras (save for my beloved Andorra), I found the straps to be too short for my broad shoulders. I have them loosened all the way and still find them to be just a tad too short, so if you’ve got shoulders like mine (broad, tall, etc), then keep this in mind upon purchasing.

The Panache Sports bra is definitely the much-needed staple my bra wardrobe was missing. It’s firm, provides amazing support, and keeps everything in place, all while looking a heck of a lot cuter than the average sports bra.

Try it out if you’re in the market for a new sports bra, and are looking for any of the things I mentioned above.

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