Reviewed: Panache Andorra


I’m going to start this review by being quite frank: I’ve always thought the Andorra was kind of ugly. I didn’t like the full cup, and to me, the lace looked dull and borderline granny-ish. As well, I thought that since the lower section of the cup wasn’t attached to the straps, the lift wouldn’t be very good.

Wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong.

Nothing tells me the seasons are changing quite like watching the leaves change colors and fall off the trees, or seeing the phrase “pumpkin spice” in front of everything. That means it’s fall, and fall means three things to me: snuggled under a blanket by the fireplace, wool pea coats, and scarlet-colored lingerie.

It was the “spice” shade of red that convinced me to buy the Andorra, something I figured I wouldn’t ever do. And when it arrived, I can’t say I was terribly excited by the looks of it- amazing color aside. But then, I put it on.

The Good

1. Everything

Every once in a while, there comes a bra that is so crucial to a woman’s existence that once she puts it on, she will never be the same again. This monumentous event happened when I hooked up the band on the Andorra – something clicked- something beautiful.

It felt like I was being hugged by a friend I hadn’t seen in a very long time – new, yet familiar, and thus came the ‘aha’ moment that I’d so often heard about. The subtle beauty of the lace, the small yet classic bow in the gore, and the opulent trim around the wires and upper section of the cups paired with the best fit I’ve ever had makes the Andorra my new favorite- by a landslide.

The cups are definitely full cups, but where I thought that would look conservative and granny-ish, it looks mature and sexy. It’s a classic enough bra to keep buying more colors of while not getting bored of the bra’s look.

I found the band to be stretchy, but still snug enough to be considered a true 28. The cups were also true to size, and the uplift was really great (better than my Marcie, that’s for damn sure). It didn’t even give me a pointed look, as I was imagining it would because of the way the cups are stitched. It’s rounded but still natural, and because the cups are open, it doesn’t cut in or bunch up at the top.

The straps are a pleasant width and are stretchy enough to not dig in, yet firm enough to still remain supportive. The cups also curve away from my underarms, which is really appreciated considering some of the things they’ve been subjected to.


The Bad

I’m using the term ‘bad’ here very loosely, because for me there really wasn’t anything truly ‘bad’. The only thing I would have to say is that the lace is scratchy sometimes, and that the full cup cut means, as I recently learned, that it can’t be worn with low cut tops.



I really think that I’ve said everything that needs to be said about the Andorra. I love the way it looks and the way it fits, and I’m going to buy every single color that comes out from here on out. If you’re looking for a good classic style that you can buy in different colors each season, then the Andorra is for you. If anyone knows how the Andorra plunge fits, would they be so kind as to let me know?


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