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Hey, everyone! I’ve been sitting on this review for a while, as other bras have gotten priority over this one. However, here it is:

Lilipiache is the unicorn of lingerie brands. Beautiful, majestic, and for a while I wasn’t sure they even existed until I stumbled upon their website (with a sale, nonetheless!) I happily bought two bras; the Antique in a 32D and the Floret in a 34C with the intention of altering them down. When I first received the Floret, I was amazed at how beautiful and delicate it was– and then at how small the cups were. I haven’t worn cups this small since my dark 32B days when I was fourteen.


Besides the cups being about two sizes too small, they’re made of the same material as the rest of the band, a flimsy, delicate, dotted mesh. The mesh is forgiving and stretchy– had it been rigid, the cups would have fit even smaller. The beautiful lace that adorns the cups and front band is soft and more supportive than the mesh.


Bra-fit enthusiasts, cover your eyes: I was willing to overlook the poor fit of the cups for such a pretty bra. The fatal flaw of the Floret is the lack of side boning. Without the boning, the longline band rolls up and puckers, as you can see in most of the photos. An attempt at stabilizing the band was made with with two pieces of channeling (the stuff that encases bra underwires) were added to the front seams of the band, but unfortunately, no such luck. DSC_2982

What’s worse is that since the band doesn’t have any boning, I have no hope of altering it. This means that I’m stuck with a 34C bra (that fits like a 34A). The good news is that since the mesh is so light, it’s relatively comfortable.


The band is small for a 34, measuring 31 inches stretched to just under maximum. The gold hardware on the Floret is a major plus, because I think plastic looks so tacky.


Now, keep in mind that although this bra wasn’t up to my standards, the Antique certainly was. The firm powermesh coupled with the side boning made for a supportive bra, even though the cups were still about two sizes too small. The cups are half-padded and aren’t stretchy whatsoever, making the fit a bit smaller than the Floret. I’ll definitely be trying more from the brand (with caution, and in bigger cup sizes) to get a better feel of what the overall fit is like.

Have you tried Lilipiache? Would you like to? Let me know down below!

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4 thoughts on “Reviewed: Lilipiache Floret Longline

  1. Eep! You have this! I think this is the prettiest colorway in this style. It looks lovely on you!

    I had tried on the floret longline in peach at Journelle last year in 32A and 30C(I think lilipiache actually makes 30Bs but journelle doesn’t stock them), and interestingly enough I felt that the band was a bit big and the cups were probably true to size. Between the two, the 30C fit me okay, but I recall thinking that my usual size would be better. I believe the peach is from a more recent season, though. Perhaps they have adjusted their sizing recently or maybe they run tts-ish on the lower end, and super small on the upper end?

    1. I love this colorway too! And thank you so much!! It’s interesting that you found the band to be big and cups TTS, I hope it’s because they adjusted their sizing 😀 I guess the only way to find out is to buy more things from them. For research purposes, of course 🙂

      1. That’s interesting, I wonder if they do, too. I guess I’ll have to buy Lilipiache from Journelle to find out…xx

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