Reviewed: For Love and Lemons Bat Your Lashes Bra and Body Suit

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Hello, all!

I’ve been a longtime fan of For Love and Lemons, but their pieces were usually out of my price range– until I saw a sale on at, who also offers free international shipping and returns if you’re in the US or Canada, so if you’re looking for a good lingerie sale, head on over (and they didn’t even pay me to say that).

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But back to the Lemons. I bought two pieces, the Bat Your Lashes body and halter bra, both of which I’d had my eye on for a while. I ordered the halter in an XS and the bodysuit in an S, so I knew at least one of the items wouldn’t fit. What I didn’t expect was for them to both not fit.

They each came in a cute little drawstring bag, and the tag is woven. However, they are TINY. They don’t look that small when you lay them flat, but the black “elastic” bands you see on the bra barely stretch. I couldn’t even wear it for that long because of the mad chaffing I was getting from the halter straps and the fact that I couldn’t breathe with the underband so tight.

You see that cleavage? Yeah, I don’t have boobs like that. They’re just being squished so much that they look somewhat impressive. From the side I was nearly flat, and it was a little bit painful.


The back closure is a sliding hook, which I didn’t mind at all. It was easy enough to put on  despite how much I had to suck in to do so.


Not only did the straps not stretch, but they weren’t very long. The lace and mesh also had no stretch (or if it did, it was very minimal), so I’m not sure how forgiving the bra is for people in between sizes.


The overall construction was good, but do they ever need to re-evaluate their sizing.

The body suit, which I couldn’t even wear long enough to get photos of, was extremely poor in construction and I was greatly disappointed, especially considering the price. Not only is the waistband elastic the same barely-stretchy stuff as the halter, it almost didn’t do up on my 24.5-inch waist. The rest of the bodysuit fit fine; however, it was literally tearing at the seams when I received it.

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The elastic used to bind the mesh at the back had several stitches popped, and there was a big gaping hole where the elastic was supposed to meet the mesh. I cannot for the life of me imagine why they would straight-stitch elastic instead of zigzag stitch (which is designed to allow for stretch, while straight stitching is not).

Because of who I am as a person, I forgot to take pictures of the body suit (and the horrid damage that came with it). I’d go and get a picture of it from the Internet, but I have a healthy fear of a copyright infringement lawsuit, so I encourage you to Google “Love and Lemons Bat Your Lashes Bodysuit”  to see it.

With all of that being said, both the halter bra and the body suit are now on their way back to and while I haven’t been completely turned off from the brand, I can’t say I’ll be eagerly trying their things any time soon.



11 thoughts on “Reviewed: For Love and Lemons Bat Your Lashes Bra and Body Suit

  1. I love the brand, but their lingerie sizing is always off and inconsistent. I live in Saudi arabia so I can’t really return or exchange the stuff I order, and no stores in the middle east even sell the brand, so I learned to get a Large in their normal clothes, and a Medium-Large in their bras that I know won’t have stretch like the bat your lashes and snapdragon, and small in their normal bralettes.
    it looks so pretty on you though!

    1. I agree, the brand is gorgeous. Thank you for the advice, I had no idea that snapdragon didn’t have stretch! I think I might start buying a medium in their bras. And thank you :’)

      1. I do recommend it, in their lingerie. But in their clothes I’d say they run true to their website’s size chart. I hope all works out, and I hope to see more reviews about the brand from you! I love your reviews as well as reviews about the brand.

        P.S. you’re gorgeous! xx

        1. I haven’t ventured into their clothing yet, so I’ll keep that in mind when I do! And thank you SO much, your comment made my day. I’ll definitely have more reviews from them in the near future xx

  2. Sorry to hear that the stuff didn’t fit you! I’ve noticed that the official For Love & Lemons actually uploads precise measurements in the sizing guide for each particular piece, which I find incredibly helpful, if you can find the product still listed there. I have a handful of their stuff, and I have always had everything fit me exactly as expected because of it. I know people generally say that you should size up anyway though, so if you’re normally a S, you probably should have gotten a M.

  3. Thanks for your review! I recently bought a couple FL&L sets on a major discount (CA$30/piece). I don’t think they’re worth the full retail price although they are very pretty and unique in design. The lack of give in band size is unforgiving (although I found them to match my dress size) and the cups of the bras are spaced **very widely** apart. Fun for lounging in, but terrible for providing a good silhouette. There’s some plastic hardware which cheapens the look, and some dodgy stitching. I doubt I’ll buy anything from this brand again.

    1. Hey! I totally agree that they’re not worth the full price, not by a long shot. I think they’ve lost me as a customer too– partly for the quality and partly because they rip off independent designers. Thank you for your comment!! Xx

    1. Hey Lucy!! Thank you so much. That really means a lot to me, and I’ll pass your compliments on to my photographer. I know she’ll appreciate it 🙂 Thanks for your comment xx

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