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Ah, Comexim. Likely my favorite Polish brand (granted, I’ve only tried two), they make designs that are unique and classic. The Ingrid was one of my initial favorites from their collection due to the beautiful floral print and muted tones.

Being beige myself, the bra doesn’t look particularly outstanding on me and would probably suit someone with a contrasting skin tone better, but I love it nonetheless.

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This is my second Comexim bra, the first being the Tropical Gardens in a 60G, which is now fretfully too big for me. This bra, a 60F, fits almost perfectly.

The wires are narrow and don’t dig in at all, something I appreciate as an overall bony person.

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From a comfort standpoint, Ingrid is flawless. I can wear it for the full day without even noticing that it’s on. The band is perfect, and if the cups were just a touch smaller and the straps a bit longer, I wouldn’t have a single gripe with this bra.

Ingrid is subtle under clothes.  The print is noticeable under white things, but that’s to be expected with most prints. The design is appropriate for a wide range of ages, which is one of the things I love about Comexim bras.

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The cups fall somewhere in between being shallow and projected, so I think this is a style that could work for a lot of people. The band is a bit snug for a 28, which works out perfectly for me and my 27-inch ribcage.

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The Ingrid does a great job of bringing everything front and centre while creating just a hint of cleavage. Polish bras seem to do a better job at creating cleavage than brands form other countries, and I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s the snugness of the band, or the shape of the cups. Either way, I’m not complaining.


Comexim is definitely a brand to watch. They’ve just released their first longline (mine has been exchanged and the review is coming soon), and their designs always come in a wide range of different patterns and colors. There’s something for everyone on their site because each design is so different from the last.


Check Ingrid out if you’re interested in a snug band, narrow wires, and a pretty pattern. If Ingrid isn’t your cup of tea, head on over to Comexim’s site and have a look through their products. Odds are, you’ll find something you like.

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