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lou 1Hey, everyone!

Lou has been a brand on my radar for quite some time, and it all started with the Folie Douce. I first saw this set last season in a preview for the coming collections, and fell in love. The embroidery, black detailing, and peach mesh sold me instantly. I ordered the set from Journelle (which has the most amazing customer service team) in a 32C and S respectively, but found the sizing to be much larger than UK sizing.

lou 4

Lou has a lot of great styles out, but the Folie Douce was, and still is, my absolute favorite. The flowers are much brighter than they appear online, an the mesh is a peachy-nude.

lou 5

As you can see from the photos, the bra is about a cup size too big for me (maybe even more). I normally wear a UK 28E, so I was quite surprised when the 32C didn’t fit. The cups fit if I held myself just so, but whenever I moved my arms or slouched, they wrinkled horribly.

lou 2

The shorts, however, fit spot-on in my usual size small, so I was very pleased about that. The band is true to size for a 32, which is unfortunate for me because I’m more of a 28/30-band kind of gal. I was hoping the band would be somewhat snug, but unfortunately, this was not the case. I also wasn’t eager to alter a $109 USD bra, because if something costs that much, it should probably fit pretty well off the rack.

Even if I had altered it, the cups still didn’t fit me all that well, so I decided it would be best to cut my losses and send it back.

lou 3

The shape of the cups was very projected and closed on top, something that usually works for my shape, but this time it just didn’t. The mesh, as well, wasn’t very forgiving with asymmetry, and wrinkled very easily.

I can’t say much in terms of comfort or how wearable it is, as I only tried on and photographed the set. I did notice that it’s got real boning, meaning this definitely isn’t the kind of bra you want to lounge around in (or slouch, for that matter). It does mean that the bra is quite sturdy and stable, which is completely to its credit.


The best part about the whole set is the stunning embroidery. Photographs don’t do it justice, folks. It looked more like a work of art than a bra, and a small part of me wanted to keep it and put it up on my wall.

If you’re in the 32-38 band and B-D cup range, and it sounds like this bra might work for you, I highly encourage you try it out (and tell me how it goes!).

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3 thoughts on “Reviewed: Lou Folie Douce Bustier

  1. I was just going through your reviews again (that’s how much I enjoy reading your posts!), and this bra set gave me a kind of little joy. It’s a bra set that I have lusted after for a very long time, while fully aware that there was no way I would get it. (And now, there are few of these on sale… but never in my size.) I am sorry it didn’t fit you, but I guess certain bras are simply not meant to be!

    1. That’s so sweet of you to say :’) This set was one of the prettiest ones I’ve ever seen, it broke my heart a bit to know that it didn’t fit! I feel that, whenever the stuff I want goes on sale, it’s NEVER in my size!! Thank you for reading, I really do love reading your comments and hearing your thoughts on pieces xx

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