Reviewed: Claudette Dessous Longline

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Please ignore the saturation in the pictures- we took these photos in the afternoon, so the lighting was a bit off.

Hello, lovelies! If you haven’t seen my previous review of the Claudette Dessous, click the link.

I’ve wanted to try out the Dessous longline ever since it came out, but could never find it in my size. About two weeks ago I saw the new colorway crop up on ASOS, and bought it instantly. Upon its arrival, I was pleasantly surprised at how cute it was. I thought I was outgrowing my ‘cute’ bras, but this one serves as an exception.

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The bra is called the Dessous longline, so I figured it’d be a similar fit as the regular Dessous bras– a style that doesn’t quite work for my boobs. However, where the regular Dessous is made of a stiff mesh,  the longline is made of  soft, stretchy mesh that fits like a glove. Seriously, I don’t think I could dream up a better-fitting bra. The forgiving stretch mesh is amazing and seriously comfortable (and breathable).

The longline is overall well-constructed, but I did find the band’s powermesh mesh to be a bit cheap and it’s started to pill (weird, I know).

dessous 10

The band is true-to-size and very lightweight, offering pretty good support. The briefs are made of the same stretch mesh as the bra, and are very comfortable, though are slightly small in fit.

desous 13

It’s not exactly invisible under clothes, being polka-dotted and all, but it’s not as obvious a one would expect.

It gives a rounded/natural shape, not unlike some of my favorite Polish styles. As for comparing it to the regular Dessous, they’re cut the same, but couldn’t be more different in fit, so if the regular Dessous didn’t work out for you, this one might be worth trying if you really love the style and look of it.

dessous 8

I recommend this bra to anyone who’s asymmetrical and is looking for moderate support and a comfy fit. This style could definitely work for a number of shapes because of the stretchy cups, so if any of that appeals to you, I’d give this a go.

desous 11

Have you tried the Dessous longline? Let me know what you think down below!

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7 thoughts on “Reviewed: Claudette Dessous Longline

  1. I’m confused about something. Are you saying a longline is any bra that has three hooks/eyes or more? Or is Claudette just marketing this as a longline since it has one hook/eye than their usual bras?

    1. Hi! I think the mark of a longline is having a longer cradle than a regular bra (usually by an inch or two), and not necessarily the number of hooks. Claudette also happens to be marketing this is a longline, but I’m not sure if that’s because it has more hooks and eyes than their regular bras or not. Hope that helped to clear things up 🙂

    1. Thank you so much :* They use this amazing soft mesh that I’m in love with because it fits completely different than the stiff mesh they use for the regular Dessous bras. I see many more Dessous longlines in my future… xx

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