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DSC_0095Hey, my wonderful readers! I hope all is well; I’ve been very busy with school (summer courses, and all), so posting may become less frequent.

Today I’m reviewing the Comexim Joy, a bra that I’ve had for quite some time but held off on reviewing it.

The colors of the Joy are just as vibrant as they are in the photos, and it really is a beautifully made product.

DSC_0099I’d initially ordered it in a 28DD, and found it to  be way too small, so I exchanged it for a 28E. The 28E was also too small, but the 28F would have been too wide, so I gave up. This bra is too shallow to fit me. The cup construction is designed for more spread-out breast tissue, as most half-cups are, so this style really didn’t work.

I think the biggest issue of this bra was that the cups were so shallow that the wires weren’t touching my root. Here’s a shot of me holding down the wires so that they’re actually touching my skin:



I found that the bra shifted around a lot as a result of the wires not touching me, which really sabotaged the fit. I also can’t say a lot about the Joy in terms of wearability, because I wasn’t able to wear it for a while due to the discomfort of the wires.


The band was fairly snug, and I found the bottom to be rather tight. It cut in and became uncomfortable after wearing it for a little bit. As well, the back of the Joy only has two columns of hooks instead of the usual three, which doesn’t make any sense to me– all that does it shorten the life of the bra.

I highly recommend this bra to anyone with shallow, wide-set boobs. If you have projected boobs, you might want to look elsewhere.

Have you tried Joy? Do you want to? Let me know down below!

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2 thoughts on “Comexim Joy

  1. Honestly I hadn’t connected the wires issue as being a shallowness problem, and you’re the first person I’ve seen do so. I have yet to talk to anyone who hasn’t had this issue (floating bottom edge of wires) and I think it’s really a band instability problem. I sized down in the band (from my usual 60 to a 55) to try to fix it and it d isn’t help (though it isn’t as awful). I think the band is just too stretchy and too wide without anything to hold it in near the bottom of the wires, so if it’s not vendors slightly too shallow or small, it pushes right out.

    Out of curiousity, what size do you consider to convert to a 28e? Or are you purchasing from Wellfitting? I’m a 60G, sometimes H in Comexim, and don’t really have a firm grasp on my UK size right now.ll

    1. That’s interesting, I hadn’t even considered that the band might be the problem– good to know, thank you. I wear a 60F from Comexim, which is the rough equivalent of a 28E. A 60G is the rough equivalent of a 28F, and a 60H is a 28FF. I hope that helps 🙂

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