Bosom Galore’s Amelia Set


*This set was gifted to me by Bosom Galore, and all opinions, as usual, are mine and no one else’s.*

Greetings, all!

At this point, most people in the lingerie community have heard of Bosom Galore. They’re among the first companies to offer a 26 band, and have a wide range of sizes. After seeing their debut collection, I’d fell in love with the red Classique– however,  the Amelia caught my eye shortly after and it wasn’t long before I had my heart set on it.

I’m a lover of all things muted, soft, feminine and delicate, so it didn’t come as a surprise to me when I came to love the Amelia.

Everything about this bra oozes class: the delicate lace overlay, the soft pinkish-purple color, and the luxe wide straps. Being given the chance to try the Amelia, I excitedly awaited the first production of the bra to be made and shipped out.


I received it in a 28E, my go-to size at the moment. I found the cups to run on the bigger side– too big to fit me properly, which sucked. Below you can see the Comexim Ginger in a 28F and the Amelia in a 28E. The cups are around the same size (though they’re both meant for a COMPLETELY different shape).


The band is pretty true to size, so I found the 28 to be a perfect fit.

Amelia, being a partial-band bra (meaning that the band doesn’t continue around the cups like the Ginger does), is connected at the centre by a little gore with a cute bow affixed to it. I found the wires to be a bit stabby, especially at my sternum, but I assume that’ll go away with regular wear. I couldn’t wear it for longer than a few hours at a time without having to take it off and put on something with softer underwires.


Unfortunately for me, the cups didn’t fit at all. Even if I sized down, the shape would still be completely different than my own. I think the Classique’s balconette shape would work best for me, as the cups are a bit wider. These cups are quite projected; something that usually works for me, but for whatever reason, it didn’t this time.

The shape that the cups give is very projected, and really, really perky. My boobs looked great (and way bigger than they actually are), which was a nice change from my usual non-padded bralettes.

The knickers I got in a size 8, and fit well on my 35-inch hips. The back, however, rides up my butt like you wouldn’t believe. The good news is that the lace is so fine that I don’t really notice it.

My favorite part about Amelia (besides the aesthetics) are the straps. Thick, silk, and long, they don’t cut in or slide around at all the way plain elastic straps do sometimes (I’m looking at you, Cleo).


This version of the Amelia didn’t work for me, but hopefully future productions will. I’ll definitely be trying the Classique, once a 28DD is included in Bosom Galore’s ever-expanding size range.

I can’t wait to see what the company comes up with next, because they truly have filled a gap in the full-bust market. Ethically-made silk lingerie in this many sizes is hard to come by, and the owner, Katy, listens to her customers.

I shall leave you with Louise, one of their upcoming styles that’s set to hit production this August.


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