Ohhh Lulu Rose Garden Set

DSC_0550 Hi, everybody!

Happy pride, and happy gay marriage legalization! To celebrate, I chose the most colorful set I had in my arsenal (I know it isn’t rainbow, but bear with me).

This set is one that I saw maybe about a year ago and loved right away. All of the items on Ohhh Lulu’s Etsy shop are incredibly beautiful, but this one stuck around in the back of my mind for quite some time before I decided to buy it.

It turns out that the soft black mesh that it’s made of isn’t powermesh like I’d initially thought from the photos. The floral part is made of a nice cottony fabric that is both vibrant and comfortable.


I have to apologize for what happened in these photos; I didn’t realize the trim at the bottom was tucked up, so it looks like there’s no trimming when there’s actually a lace one. I went back and re-shot some of the photos with a different photographer, so you can see the lace.

Let there be lace!


I took the bra in a 28-29 inch band and what I think was a 31-33 inch bust measurement. The bust fits ever so slightly large, but I think this is because of the stretchiness of the fabrics more than anything. The band is very stretchy and a bit loose after a lot of wear, but seeing as how it is a lounge piece, that’s not a big deal.


The straps are seriously long, and I had to tighten them quite a bit to get them to stop slipping off my shoulders (something I haven’t had to do much of as a person with broad shoulders). Since the piece slips on over your head, I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to get it over my head/shoulders because the band is a 28 and my shoulders, are, ahem, not. However, as I mentioned before, the fabric is very stretchy and after some careful maneuvering, I got the hang of putting it on.


As wonderful as the bra is, it was the underwear that really made me happy that I bought this set. This pair of underwear is the most comfortable pair I have ever owned. I didn’t know that I needed them until I tried them on, and now I think I’m going to buy them in bulk. They don’t ride up in the slightest, they’re beautiful, and so, so soft.


The stitching on both garments is wonderful. There isn’t a single stitch out of place, and the quality is great. I’ll definitely be buying (a lot of underwear) from Ohhh Lulu again.


What do you think? Have you tried Ohhh Lulu? Let me know down below!


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