Reviewed: Tutti Rouge Liliana


Tutti Rouge is the newest full-bust brand that almost every blogger has reviewed or covered. Being a bit late to the party, I recently bought the Liliana bra (exclusive to Bravissimo and the ASOS marketplace) in the pink colorway. The new season colors will be a lilac and a cream, and are supposed to have an improved fit (which, as I’m about to share with you,is absolutely necessary).

The Good

1. Aesthetics

Let me begin by saying I love girly underwear. I love frills, bows, lace, ribbon, and pink. Liliana encapsulates all of these things, right down to a sweet little heart detail on the strap adjuster. I love the color of the bra as well as the lace overlay, the lace upper section, and the lightly padded foam cups.


2. The Band

The band is pretty snug for a 28. Not as snug as somebody like me needs it, and maybe not snug enough to need a different size (it IS pretty stretchy) but definitely tighter than the standard 28.


3. The Shape

Now, most of the reviews I’ve read fervently disagree with this point, but I really like the shape of the bra. It certainly is minimized, almost compressed, and for full-on-bottom breasts. It’s also very wide and shallow, which I really like in a bra. I prefer the more spread out look as opposed to the up-front and projected look. It’s kind of nice to have that downplay sometimes. I also love that it’s open on top- no gaping, no readjusting, and it sits flat all day.


The Bad

1. The Fit

Oh boy, here we go…

The fit of this bra was just off. If you’re very shallow with a wide root and wide-set breasts, then this bra is for you. If you’re anything else, then perhaps not. The wires of Liliana are EXTREMELY wide, as they reached around halfway to my back. Because they’re so wide, I think, the gore not touching in the middle is not a sign of cups too small, but perhaps cups that are too shallow. If I were to size up, the already-too-wide wires would be even wider. The quad-boob wasn’t so much as a quad-boob but more of a soft pillowing (though I am full on bottom and rarely ever get quad-boob). Windiegardie had the same issues with Liliana as I did, and summarizes them quite nicely.


2. Support

The lift the bra gives is minimal, and the upper-lace section is so open that your boobs really are exposed to the elements (especially if you’re full on top). I definitely noticed the girls were moving around a bit more than they usually do, and I wasn’t used to having so much of them on display.


Going off of looks alone, this is my favorite bra that I have right now. I love the girly touches, the pink color and the shape. The fit is altogether a different story. Let’s just say that I can’t wait to see their improved fit in the new colors, because if they keep the looks of the bra and pair it with a great fit, they’ll have a serious contender on their hands. Until then, I think I’ll stick to wearing this bra on smaller days, and days when I want a little bit of cleavage. Give Liliana a shot if you’re shallow, and have issues with gaping or need really wide wires, but if you’re narrow or have a lot of upper fullness, skip it.


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