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Hello, my lovelies!

I’ve decided to do a review this week instead of the promised “How to make Underwear” post, which will be coming next week instead. So, without further ado:

What Katie Did is a brand that’s been on my radar for quite some time, though I always thought I’d be stuck admirnig from afar, as their band sizes start at 32. Recently, I’d learned that since they’re a vintage-inspired company, their garments are cut smaller than other companies. I got excited when I realized that their band sizes were also cut smaller than marked, so I bought the Liz set in aqua and waited hopefully.

When it arrived, I was ecstatic– not only was it snug enough to be called a 28/30 band, the cups fit very well, too. The cups are half-padded, the bottom part being flexible foam and the top being stretchy mesh.


I bought the bra in both a 32C and 32D, and the bottoms in a size S. The 32C, my current sister size (30D/28DD) was the best fit, though the cups do wrinkle quite a bit at the bottom, something I’ll write off as a necessary evil as a result of the foam fabric and my full-on-bottomness.

I wasn’t sure if the wrinkling was a dealbreaker for me, but I think I’ll keep the bra despite it. It’s so comfortable and I can’t feel anything wrong with the fit, so I think it will make a nice addition to my growing collection of “really impractical but super comfortable” bras.


The bra itself is hard to wear under clothing, not for the profile like I’d initially suspected, but because of the shape of it. The cups do come up quite high and are more full-coverage, but there is a hint of cleavage where the neckline is. As a result, I won’t be wearing this under a tank top or any other shirt that isn’t quite as generous with fabric.


The profile the bra gives is very nice, uplifted, and rounded. In my experience, half-padded cups tend to be on the pointy side, but this wasn’t the case at all with this one. There’s also a bit of wrinkling where the padding meets the mesh, but it’s not visible under clothes.


As pointed out by Write Me Bad Checks on my Instagram, the set has an overall mermaid-y vibe, which is probably because of the color and the stitching on the cups.

As well as the top fit, the bottoms were quite a different story. Made of a firm stretchy material, they were just a bit too small on me and will need to be exchanged for a medium.


This set is gorgeous– it’s unique, and maybe not to everyone’s taste (like my mother and my sister, who gave me a very strange look when I showed them what I’d bought) but I love it. Beware that if you do choose to order that it does run quite small, so size up in the band and in the bottoms if you choose to order. They have amazing colors available in the Liz, so check them out if it’s something that you like.

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