Reviewed: Freya Just Flew in Longline


Hello, all! The longline element of a bra had me curious for a while. I couldn’t imagine how a band like that would be comfortable (especially for someone who, ahem, spends a lot of their time hunched over a laptop), but the idea of a band that thick made me really curious- that and they’re really cute. Since I couldn’t get a hold of the Just Flew in print on the regular bra, the longline would have to suffice and gave me an excuse to give them a try. Aesthetically, the JFI is  gorgeous, muted, and has amazingly subtle details that I love.

The Good

1. The Band

I loved having a band this thick. I didn’t notice it obstructing my movement whatsoever, and the comfort of having a really thick band is incomparable.

2. Aesthetics

I’ve already said this, but I love the way this bra looks so much that it deserves a second mention. The vertical seam construction of the cups is a huge bonus, the insides of the cups are a cottony material, and the outside fabric is almost silky and very smooth. The crochet detail lining the tops of the cups is amazing.


The Bad

1. The Band

This band was huge on me. It rode up on the last hook right away-which isn’t really saying much, because THERE’S ONLY TWO HOOK COLUMNS. It’s hard to see in the photo, but the full three column closure isn’t there – which makes me feel like it wasn’t worth what it cost. The purpose of the three-hook column is to enable the bra to last as long as possible, and when you get rid of one of the columns, you’re shortening the bra’s life considerably. What I found strange was that while the band was obviously riding up, it still wasn’t as uncomfortable as a regular bra band that was too loose, and I’m assuming the thickness makes up in part for the band being too loose.


2. The Wires/Fit

One bad thing about the longline is that it makes it really hard to tell where the wires lie. I’m used to being able to just grab hold of them and fit myself into the cup so it’s not sitting too low – but not with this one. The wires are also pretty wide. Though the cups are shallow, they’re very open on top and gape slightly,  which makes me think that the cups are better suited to someone who has projected breasts, or at least a bit more upper fullness.

IMG_48133. Er, putting it on

I haven’t really heard this mentioned by anyone else as a legitimate problem, but how the heck are you supposed to do this thing up?! My first try took me a while before I decided to hook it up in front of me and then move the cups to the front and put myself in it. That’s how I’ve been putting it on (and believe me, it becomes a real boob-squisher after a while and from personal experience I advise you to not attempt this on sensitive days), because I cannot for the life of me hook up all six closures at the back otherwise. Maybe it’s just me, because I haven’t come across anyone else having this problem.


I’m thrilled to have finally tried a longline. It’s a gorgeous bra and it’s exceptionally comfortable. The cups and wires aren’t a perfect fit for me, but I see them working on anyone who has fairly wide roots. The band is loose for a 28, but I did not notice a lack of support so much as moderate annoyance at it moving around on my body- the six hooks combats the looseness, I suppose. Still not great, but it’s a much better option than a loose regular band. I can’t say I’m absolutely thrilled with the fit of the bra or the lift, but I’ll definitely be buying more solely because I love the way they look, they’re exceptionally comfortable, I love how wide the band is.


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