Mimi Holliday Golden Helicon


I tried to stay away from the Mimi Holliday sale, I really did. I’m not sure what happened, but one thing lead to another and now I have the complete Golden Helicon set and my first pair of thigh-high stockings. I bought both bras because I couldn’t decide which one I liked better (logical, right?) and the matching thong and suspender belt in XS and S, respectively.

The Golden Helicon set is possibly one of my favorites ever, because it’s got two of my favorite things: metallic gold and polka dots. 


The soft bra, a 30DD, is a bit spacious, and the molded bra, a 30D, is a bit small. I prefer the molded bra for its shape and versatility, being so close to nude that I can get away with wearing it under a lot of clothing options. The soft bra gives a bit of a funny shape that’s standard among Mimi Holliday comfort bras. 


It’s not a terrible shape, but it’s not the rounded one that I prefer and I have to wear loose shirts with it to avoid looking pointy. The molded bra is also a lot softer than the comfort bra, but both are, as advertised, comfortable.


Both bras are somewhat snug for a 30 band, and I found the molded bra to run a bit bigger in the cups than the comfort bra. Both bras are also a lot less shallow than my previous experiences with Mimi Holliday bras, a pleasant surprise for me considering I have a fairly projected shape.


I have to admit, as impractical as the bow-back thong is, I bought it solely for the photos. I can only wear it under loose dresses and skirts, which is fine by me because it’s not like I have a shortage of underwear. These ones are more ‘special occasion’, a nice addition to my practical underwear wardrobe.


The suspender is cute and does its job, and fits fairly well considering it’s a size up from what I would normally wear.



I love the polka dots and overall look of the set. It makes me happy to walk around knowing that I’ve got metallic gold on my undies, and I’m very happy that I bought it. It’ll be my last Mimi purchase for quite some time as this one left a sizable dent in my bank account, sale or not (until that cat lace is released, anyway).

Image courtesy of Sweet Nothings NYC. Note the cat lace in the top right-hand corner.
Image courtesy of Sweet Nothings NYC. Note the cat lace in the top right-hand corner.

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