Sub-28 Band Resources: Band Alteration 1

Good afternoon! Well, for me, anyway- I just finished wearing the Freya Ruffle My Feathers bra around for the day. It was initially a 30 band that was way too loose, but last night I sewed it up so now it’s something closer to a firm 28. This was an experimental alteration, and I was a bit nervous bout it because my last experimental alteration went horribly wrong. But now I’m excited, because it worked!! Which means I can share it with all of you, and hopefully you’ll be met with the same success!

First thing’s first: Select your Victim. I’ve chosen the Freya Ruffle My Feathers bra, and have ruled it guilty for being too dang loose in the band.


Next, figure out how much you want to sew up. Be careful with this part, because even a little bit of fabric sewn up makes a big difference on the band length and if too much is sewn up it can have a drastic effect on the cups.

This looked about right...
This looked about right…


And just hold it like this!
And just hold it like this!

Once you’ve done that, take a pin and pierce it through the fabric, prepare your needle and thread, and begin to sew.


Now, sew the absolute crap out of it. Make sure those stitches are tight, because you’re going to be pulling on them very often and you want them to hold well. I sewed a square around the edges of the fold and then through the middle a bunch of times.

The final product!
The final product!

IMG_4848 IMG_4849

Overall, I don’t think it looks too bad! It’s certainly a huge improvement from what it was before. It’s not perfect- being able to buy my own size would be better, but until that day comes, this is an option that’ll work for me.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! Or better yet, band altering suggestions that have worked for you or that you think would work, or if somebody who actually knows how to sew properly has any suggestions, all would be very welcome.

Until next time,


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