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DSC_0825Kayleigh Peddie is a designer I’ve had my eye on for a while now. Based in Montreal, she makes classic, modern, and edgy designs that appealed to me. She had a flash sale a few months back, and I bought the Estelle bra and matching underwear, and the Ronette longline set. It took quite a bit longer to get here than promised on the website (it says 2-3 weeks turnaround time, but I ordered these sets on July 27th, an it was shipped on September 4th). I contacted the designer somewhere in there, and she assured me that the sets were in production, so I waited patiently. And to be fair, she probably had a huge influx of orders because of the flash sale. 
DSC_0847I was initially very impressed with what I pulled out of the package. Beautiful, delicate, and slinky, I put them on eagerly only to hear the sound every lingerista dreads: ripping stitches. Now, if you don’t already, there’s something you should know about me: I have very broad shoulders (and I say that you might already know that because I’ve complained about them enough times on this blog). Broad shoulders and a small rib cage are never a good combination for something that slips over your head, so I usually have trouble with this kind of thing.

I managed to get the longline on, and then quickly pulled it off to assess the damage. The stitches had ripped right at the front of the bra:

DSC_0861It’s a relatively minor amount of ripping, but every time I put the longline on, I hear more rips, and let me explain to you why: Zigzag stitches tend to stretch with the garment, which is why they’re used in lingerie. Three-step zigzags (three straight stitches in the formation of zigzags, like shown below) are even less likely to rip. Kayleigh Peddie used three step zigzags, which is great– one of the few designers that I’ve encountered that does. But there’s another factor: the width of the stitch. If it’ a really wide, spread-out zigzag, it’ll be more likely to rip than a tight zigzag (think of an accordion being pulled). Tight zigzags are kind of like that, while wide zigzags are already stretched out, and won’t stretch with you when you pull on the garment). When I took the bra making class in Hamilton this year, they taught us that wide zigzags will rip, no matter if it’s a three-step zigzag or not, as they explained by taking a bra with a wide zigzag used to stitch the band elastic, and pulling. Rip, rip, rip.

A medium-width three-step zigzag.

Kayleigh Peddie used a fairly wide three-step zigzag (wider than that image above), so when I put it on over my big shoulders and stretched the garment, it tore a little bit. It tears a bit more every time I put it on, but it’s so damn comfy that I keep wearing it anyway. If I ordered a size up, then it would be too big in the cups and band. I think I’ll go over the band stitches with my own machine with a tight zigzag to secure them, so they don’t keep ripping. I considered contacting the designer about it, but decided that I didn’t want to hassle her when I could fix it myself really quickly. 
DSC_0852Now onto the fit: As you can see in the photos, the cups are big on me. I think this is because there’s no elastic on the bustline, so the cups ride up and don’t sit on my boobs, rather on them– meaning the tops of the cups have absolutely no breast tissue in them. That doesn’t really affect how the garment feels, so I don’t mind at all. Sure, it looks a bit silly, but I’ve definitely looked sillier. 
DSC_0855In terms of little details and attention to them, this set gets top marks. The little loop in the front is also in the back, and on the underwear. I also love the colour of the lace, and the combination of the black trimming with it.

I was a bit nervous about ordering this set because of how long the longline is (would I only have to eat salads whenever I wore it?) But the black elastic used is soft and flexible and not at all stiff, so it’s extremely comfortable and not at all restricting. 
DSC_0869The Estelle set is by far my favorite to wear. The cups are just a tad small, but the band fits perfectly and it’s so comfortable. The mesh is soft and flexible, and the elastics don’t dig in at all.DSC_0842The underwear on both sets are great because they don’t ride up at all. The garter belt is comfortable and doesn’t make me feel like I’m in a sausage casing, which is always appreciated. 


There’s nothing even remotely scratchy about the set, and I love it. I think I’ll stick to Peddie’s bra closure sets rather than her pullover styles.


The space between where the straps connect to the band on the back of the bra is pretty wide on bot sets, so if you have narrow shoulders, then this might not be for you.


Overall, I recommend the Estelle set highly. I love the way both sets look, but this one is my favorite, fit-wise. It looks great, even with my non-matching cream thigh-highs. I’m always happy to support a Canadian designer, especially one as talented as Kayleigh Peddie, so head on over to her Etsy shop or website to learn more and to take a look at her designs. She’ll be releasing her fall collection in a few short weeks, so stay tuned!

As always,thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next week.


2 thoughts on “Kayleigh Peddie

  1. I am just going through your reviews (which is I usually do…)
    but god, for some reason, that suspenders are really entrancing.
    The white mesh, it’s simple silhouette, and four straps in front?
    That combination speaks to me.
    (They are all lovely on you too! 🙂 )

    1. I totally agree, the straps are what really sold me on the set. I really love how it matches up with the bra’s straps, too. It’s so modern and clean, I’m really happy I bought it. Very unique.

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