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Over the last little while, I’ve made quite a few things. Things I was proud of, and things that I threw in the trash. I’ve been sewing for a year and a half now, and I’ve made beautiful things, and things so ugly that even my mom didn’t like them. I kept at it, and now I’m going to share with you some of the things I’ve made that I’m at least a little bit proud of over the last month. You can also check out my Instagram account for posts about what I’ve made, as I usually put them up there first.

I named all of my sets for simplicity’s sake, so here it goes:

First up is the ‘Michelle’ set, inspired by the OhhhLulu Rose Garden set. I loved the fit but wanted something a bit more fall-appropriate, so I bought a beautiful, soft rose-adorned knit in autumnal colors.


The bottoms are the OhhhLulu Grace hispter pattern, with mesh sides instead of lace. I finished the legs with lace, and tied a little bow and sewed it on.




The bra pattern is OhhhLulu’s ‘Sarah’ longline pattern. I used the recommended foldover elastic, and finised it with lace at the bottom instead of the same elastic.

The ‘Christina’ bra is something that my friend commissioned me to make for her. It’s using an autumn floral with a little eggplant-colored bow, which I hope you can see in the picture (it’s from her Instagram).


The pattern is self-drafted, and uses the same pattern as below.

This is the ‘Sierra’ set, made with black and white gingham spandex, black lace, and a little raspberry red-colored bow:


The bra pattern is self-drafted, derived from my self-drafted triangle bra pattern. I think this is my favorite set because I love the color combination as well as the feel of the fabrics.


I think the best part of this set is the back:


The underwear pattern is self-drafted.


The next bra is called ‘Flora’, and I couldn’t get my cover-stitch machine up and working in time to make the matching panties.


This was one of my first few times working with satin, and I learned what a finicky fabric it is. Slippery, and stitches show up really easily on it, so if you mess up, it really shows (something I learned the hard way). I used lace, lilac satin, and foldover elastic.

And here you can see where I nipped the cup a bit with the stitching! Didn’t notice it until after I was done 🙁

Next up is the ‘Sasha’ set. This is another favorite of mine, and it’s entirely self-drafted. The panties are a Brazilian/hispter hybrid cut that I’m still developing, but so far, I’m really happy with the fit because they don’t ride up at all.


DSC_0871I’ve grown to be fond of the yellow back-closure– I think it adds a nice touch.

My final project that I’m going to show you today is also a self-drafted pattern that I got after heavily modifying a few patterns that I had already. I call it the ‘Hope’, and I’m in love with the print. I bought another 3 metres of it after I ran out of of my first metre.



This is one of my older designs (about a month ago I made it), so I was still using my sucky back closures because I refused to buy the good ones (“$2 for a single back closure? Are they high?”) But I broke down and bought a bunch after Merckwaerdigh had a sale, so now my back closures look much prettier and sew on a lot easier.


I love the shape this one gives me, it’s so round and perky. I’ll definitely be making more of these.

I’m also working on a few more patterns right now, and let me tell you, it’s no easy. If you draft patterns and sew, you probably know the headache that comes with pattern-drafting. Hopefully I’ll be done them in another few weeks, so I can update you guys again and make another me-made post. I’ve started working with silk and satin and lace a lot more now, so you’ll hopefully see a lot more of that.

Do you prefer silk, satin, and lace, or are you more of a knits and cotton girl?

Let me know down below!

Thanks so much for reading. It means a lot to me when people read my posts that aren’t a known brand review, but just me, with my machine.

Till next week!



4 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To

  1. These are all really cool! I’m a silk/satin/lace person for definite, but sewing with cotton is so much easier, arghhh! Though I did just find a net lace that was amazingly easy to sew with & now I’m making a whole collection out of it because I was so happy about that.

    Are you thinking of selling any of your designs in the future or just happy making them for yourself?

    1. Thank you :’) I think I’m a ‘both’ kinda girl, I love satin and silk and lace but there’s definitely also a time for knits. It IS so much easier, I’m so jealous that you found a lace that’s easy to work with!! I can’t wait to see the new collection!
      I hope to sell my designs eventually, whether that day is soon or farther into the future remains to be seen. But if I could do this for a living, I would love it.

      1. Ah, that’d be cool. A lot of fashion bloggers go on to launch clothing lines and I’m starting to see the same in lingerie blogging recently which is fun 🙂

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