A Collection of Methods to Tighten Bra Bands

Hello, everybody! Over the last year I’ve stumbled across some really great ways to tighten a bra band, be it either because your band has stretched out, or because  the band was too big for you from the get-go. I’ve decided to help others who want to tighten their bands by compiling the most useful tips and tricks I’ve gathered from various websites. So, without further adieu:

This one’s from Hourglassy and looks like it’ll work really well for a bra with thinner/less stiff fabric:

Leah’s Second Column: Shrinking a Bra Band (Reversible, involves sewing)

This one is from Boosaurus:

Bra Altering: Tightening a Stretch Bra Band (Involves sewing, quick and easy, reversible)

These ones are from Venusian Glow:

Bra Band Tightening Tutorial, Using Elastic (Involves sewing, reversible, quick and easy)

Tightening a Bar Band Without Distorting Underwires (Involves sewing, REALLY quick and easy, reversible)

These ones are from my own blog, and so far they’ve worked out pretty well for me:

Band Tightening 1 (Reversible, Involves Sewing, quick and easy)

Band Tightening 2 (Reversible, Involves Sewing)

This one is from BrasIHate, and it’s essentially the same as Band Tightening 2:

Shortening a Bra Band Tutorial (Reversible, Involves Sewing)

From Sew Glamorous, and probably for the more advanced sewer:

Bra Band Alteration (Irreversible, Involves Sewing)

This one is from Dressing Curves:

Alterations: Reducing Band Width  (Irreversible, involves sewing)

As well, buying a Rixie Clip is a great way to tighten your bra band without sewing, cutting, and it’s completely reversible and very easy to use. If you’re curious as to how they work, be sure to check out Thin and Curvy’s Review of the Rixie clip, as well as my own!

God luck to everybody attempting, and hopefully these links help you! I’ll slowly be working my way through each alteration, let me know if you’d like an update as to how the worked out, as well as if you have something to add in terms of suggestions of links. I’d love to hear from somebody who has tried these methods!


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