Reviewed: Freya Piper Long Line

Isn't she pretty?
Isn’t she pretty?

Greetings! This is the second long line that I own, the first being the Freya Just Flew In long line, and I’ve noticed a few differences. I’ll get to those later, but for now, I’ll dive right into m thoughts. I’ve been wearing this bra around for a few days now, for short periods of time, and let me say that the break in period for this bra is pretty long. It’s still not totally broken in, as the wires and fabric are quite stiff. The print is stunning, as is the colour, and I love the little lace detailing and the polka-dot bow.

The Good

1. The Band

This band is quite snug, and I for one am thrilled with that. There’s no moving around, and everything (including breast tissue) stays where it should be. And thank HEAVENS they decided to add back the third hook column, because the JFI Longline only had two! (Which was ridiculous!!) As you (may not be able to) see in the photo, the band hook columns have been restored to their former soaring glory of three columns. Hooray!

Yaaay! :D
Yaaay! 😀

2. Looks

I think this one goes without saying (seriously, have you seen this thing? IT’S BEAUTIFUL) but my oh my is this ever pretty. The sweetness of the watercolour flower print and lace is balanced out by the bold colour and black accents. I once bought the Freya Piper in the Passion Fruit nude colour, but returned it because it was so plain on my skin tone. Not the case with this one- it has beautiful contrast.


The Bad

1. The Wires/Fabric

The cups are of different fabric and construction than the JFI Long line, and the result is a much stiffer bra. I suppose this isn’t terrible, as it’ll probably last longer. The wires on the other hand, have been poking and prodding me for the last four days, in the gore and under my boobs. So beware to those who share the curse of the bony ribcage- this bra is out there, and it is coming (Hopefully to a store near you).

2. The Cups and Straps

The cups on this bra have the same vertical-seam construction as the JFI Long line, but are a lot less shallow. I would say these are more true to size and a bit less wide. They’re also closed on top, which makes me sad to say. The top of the cup cuts in slightly, and I suspect this may be a problem for those who re full on top, or who are shallow. The straps look a bit like a dog leash to me. They’re pretty thick and elastic-looking, and cut in just a bit.


3. The BAND

Remember how Freya’s long lines used to bunch up? No? Well then allow this one to jog our memory. It’s not a deal-breaker (at least not for me, it’s not) but the lower portion of the band isn’t stretchy in the least, and tends to bunch up and cut into your tummy. I think Freya made it like this  so it wouldn’t flip up like their longlines used to, but it’d be nice to have some give there (especially on your lunch break) so you don’t have to keep fixing it.


It’s a pretty bra. It’s cute and feminine without being girly and childish, and it’s great quality, like you’d expect from Freya. I hope after it finishes breaking in (hopefully soon, or it might break me) it’s as comfortable as my JFI Long line. The band scrunching is certainly annoying, and I hope it gets fixed in the future, but they’ve provided three-column closures again. I can tell that this bra will last a very long time and I recommend it to anyone who isn’t shallow or requires an open-on-top bra.

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