Reviewed: Freya Hello Dolly


I can’t really say I’ve been crazy about Freya’s new collections, and this is the first bra of theirs in a little while that made me go “I HAVE to have that”. I’ve had it for a while and I’ve been holding off reviewing it because I was really hoping it would grow on me, but alas, here I sit, a few months (and several alterations later) and still a no-go.

The Good

1. Looks

The only positive  have to say about this one is the visual appeal. Would you just look at those dolls? The colors?! To be honest, the only reason I’ve kept the bra is because I fell in love with the kitschy print. It’s unique, quirky, and I have yet to grow tired of it.

Absolutely love the detail
Absolutely love the detail

2. Comfort

The straps and fabric of Hello Dolly are great. I usually don’t add comfort to a bra’s positives because I feel that should just be something that goes without saying (it’s a bra’s job to be comfortable!) but since I don’t have very many positives for this one I’ll go ahead and throw that out there. It’s pretty comfy.

The Bad

1. Fit

Ooh, boy, here we go. Everything about the fit for this bra was just off. The shape was so different from my own, from the depth of the cups right down to the way the seams were placed. The cups were very deep, the bra is closed on top, the wires narrow, and the fabric just pooled around me. I tried several cup sizes in this one, and the all yielded the same results- there was just too much projection in the cups to get a good fit. Even after my alteration, there was still a problem with the fit of the cups. My bottom-heavy breasts just settled down into the cups, leaving the top portion bagging, no matter the cup size.


2. The Band

This one really bugs me-I wouldn’t call this a 28 band. I highly recommend sizing down if you find Freya’s bands loose, because this one held true to that. It was large to begin with, and stretched out almost three whole inches since I bought it- and I really haven’t worn it that much. And since I was on the last hook in the first place, there really wasn’t much I could do besides whip out my thread and needle.



Since the band was so loose, I really had a hard time fitting the cups (which were already a problem before the band decided to stretch out to the length of my driveway). This bra and I were simply not meant to be, but I hope after a band alteration, that’ll change.  I really think this bra could work out very well on someone who has a shape compatible with it, but sadly that is not me. I highly recommend this bra to anyone who can’t find cups deep enough, who has narrow roots, and projected breasts. If you’re shallow or have a tough time filling out upper sections on bras, then pass on this one.

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