Reviewed: Tutti Rouge Frankie


It’s a bit of a funny story, how I came to have this bra. I’d ordered the Tutti Rouge Betty, but instead received this one by mistake, and was allowed to keep it. While it’s completely wrong for me, I decided to at least give it a review before I handed it off to someone else.

The Bad (That’s right, for this one we’re going to jump right into what I didn’t like)

1. Aesthetics

Obviously this is more personal preference, but I really didn’t like the detailing on the bra. Frankie IS pretty cute, with its lilac color, little polka-dots all over it, frilly lace, ruched straps, and a little pink bead atop a bow on the gore. However, there was something that struck me about this bra as a bit cheap looking. It’s certainly not as detailed as the Lilana, nor as luxe as the Betty. Perhaps it’s the little bead in the centre, which I’m not too crazy about. Overall, the lacy, the color and the cheap-looking details made me understand why this wasn’t Tutti Rouge’s opener.


2. The Fit

Aside from not really liking the way it looks, the fit was also off. I’m starting to realize that Tutti Rouge’s underwires are very, very wide. I’m talking wider than Curvy Kate and Cleo combined. The wires are so wide that they fail to properly cup my breast root, and as a result I get a weird orange-in-glass effect pared with a bra that sort of slides around my body simply because the wires just aren’t doing their job. My boobs aren’t being cupped in the least, nor supported by the wires.

The straps are also really wide set, as you can probably guess from the wide wires. They’re attached to the very edge of the cup and run right into my underarms (more so than the Cleo Maddie, which is impressive as I didn’t think it was possible). The ruched straps are pretty cute, but not enough to compensate for that amount of discomfort. Also, because the straps are so wide, not only am I not getting any lift when I’m wearing it, but Frankie actually seems to be pushing the girls downwards.

The cups are relatively shallow. Since the wires are so wide, the cups aren’t terribly deep and I’d recommend this to anyone who has wide roots and fairly spread out breast tissue.


The Good

1. The…Fit? The look of the fit?

Despite all of this being said, I really liked the way it looked on me. Keep in mind that I like a slightly minimized, spread-out, gently-rounded shae rather than upfront and projected, but I think that if the wire and strap issue was fixed, this bra could work. That and a few design tweaks ( like getting rid of that centre bead), Frankie could make somebody (it’s me) very happy.


2. The Band

The band on Frankie is snug. However, since the wires were so wide, the snugness of the band pretty much cancelled out. However, on its, own, the band is great. If the wires were narrower, and the band stayed the same, I’d actually call t something  closer to a 26 than a 28 – which made me unreasonably excited! 😀


I usually fasten a bra on the tightest hook for these pictures. This one, however, couldn't do that because even on the first hook (as you ma be able to see here) the bra's wires were so wide and the band so small that they caved inwards and folded at the gore.
I usually fasten a bra on the tightest hook for these pictures. This one, however, couldn’t do that because even on the first hook (as you may be able to see here) the bra’s wires were so wide and the band so small that they caved inwards and folded at the gore.


If I were to try Frankie again, it would be in a smaller cup size in hopes of the bra not being so wide for my frame like the 28F is. It was hopelessly the wrong shape for me, but if you have wide roots and spread out breast tissue, then I’d give it a  try. I wish Tutti Rouge would tweak the design on this one, for both the visual look of it and more importantly, the fit. Check out Miss Underpinnings review of Frankie (as well as the Sophia), as she had a bit more success than I did.

Until next time,


P.S. Until further notice, this bra is for sale at Bratabase.

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