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Happy New Year, everybody! It’s been a while since my last post– partly because I didn’t have anything to review, and partly because I skipped a few too many doses with my medication and had an upswing where I couldn’t focus on anything and then a depressive swing where I couldn’t do anything. I’m back to taking my meds regularly and am feeling considerably better for the time being, so here we go:

Lonely is a brand I’ve bought from a few times now, with varying results. I’ve had my eye on this midline for a very long time way back when it was released in ivory, but never went for it because I had no idea how it would fit and the returns policy on Lonely was nonexistent.

When it was released in the russet color, I knew I had to have it. One of my many lingerie weaknesses include deep red tones, and since Lonely amended their returns policy to say something other than “All sales final”, I decided it was time.


However, my mum beat me to it- as a celebration for finishing my last term, she bought me the set and had it shipped to me as a surprise.

And surprised I was-particularly by the fit, which was described to me at a local lingerie boutique as “wonky” when I saw it in a 30E. They were’t mistaken, and I thought that I was going to return it initially.


The underwires towards the gore of the bra sit directly on my boobs. The middle part is way too wide to fit in that little space between my boobs, and the bra is all-around pretty wide because of the centre (there’s about an inch of space between the cups– who’s idea was that??) I mean, I suppose you’d have to have it that wide in order to accommodate for the hook and eye closure being at the front of the bra, but all the same I wish the gore was narrower.

I sent the email to Lonely and everything to let them know that I was going to return it- but after seriously reconsidering everything that I value in a good fit, I decided to keep the set, and here’s why:

  1. Comfortable as hell
  2. Have you SEEN it?
  3. The underwires aren’t terribly firm and don’t press on my boobs
  4. The front-closure is really easy to do up and undo
  5. I really like it and would ultimately be sad if it didn’t stay in my collection

Despite the weird underwire issues, I didn’t even notice that the underwire was on my boob until I took it off and looked in the mirror to see where the underwires were sitting.



I find the band to be true for a 30, something I was a bit surprised about considering it’s made of stretch lace. The straps are comfy and the cups fit fairly well, and besides the weird gore issue, it’s a great bra.

I apologize for the dark photos, folks

The shape it gives is fairly rounded and natural– something I was also surprised about considering it’s a two-piece cup made of stretch silk and stretch lace.

The underwear are a size M, and are slightly roomy. I feel the S would have been a bit too snug, so I’ll be keeping the M.

I chose to keep the set largely because I’ve wanted it for over two years and because I really don’t see that big of an issue with the fit problems. The biggest deciding factor to whether or not you can wear this bra would be the space between your boobs. If you’ve got wide-set boobs, then go for it. If not, then I’d suggest one of Lonely’s other styles.

As always, thanks for reading, and you’ll hear from me soon!



2 thoughts on “Lonely Cyd Midline

  1. Hiiiii! Happy new year! đŸ™‚
    The color is very lovely on you!
    Would you say that the Lonely brief tends to run snug?

    I remember seeing this design, and having certain amount ambivalence about it.
    I like the idea of row of hooks in them middle, but what if it turns like one of these bras?:

    p.s. I’ve begun blogging. Yayyyy. I talk a bit about lingerie.
    I think I will start referring myself as “TKS” rather than Tiff here, for that reason!

    1. Thank you so much– and happy new year to you, too! Oh yeah, they definitely run snug. I wear a small usually but had to get a medium because them small I have from them now is, well, snug. Eck, I shuddered at that link- but I think the underwires will give the bra more shape and support than those bras. Hopefully. And welcome to the blogging community!! I’ll be checking out your blog, and will stay tuned about lingerie posts! đŸ™‚

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