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MB-8The EM Amorek is my favorite Ewa Michalak bra. Like, ever. I mean, come on- there’s a freakin’ heart in the center instead of a bow. The set reminds me of cinnamon hearts, flowers, and little teddy bears holding hearts that say “Hug Me”. If Valentine’s day was lingerie, it would be the Amorek set.

I actually bought this set several months ago and saved it for today.

Now, before I begin, I had a huge, elaborate shoot planned with a hired photographer and I even got roses to have in the shoot, but the only ones that matched the colors on the bra were on death row and died before shoot day. I couldn’t use the wilted roses (what could be more romantic than holding dead foliage against me?) and I ate all of the cinnamon hearts, but I do have a detailed review for you to hopefully compensate:

In typical Ewa Michalak fashion, the band is quite snug. I ordered a 32 to allow for breathing, and my usual EM cup size of C.

The bra is comfortable, just like most EM bras, and is supportive without being restricting. The band is double-lined, accounting for the snugness, and the cups are sheer with satin tape stitched over the seams.

Th 3DM model has fairly short wires and doesn’t come up very high in the center gore, meaning that the wires dug into my sternum, so that took a bit of breaking in.

Amorek is true to size, if not ever so slightly smaller than the padded styles. This could also be because of the non-stretch lace that’s attached to the top of the cup.


I love the contrasting red stitching, the little details like the heart on the center gore and on the back of the thong, and the satin on top of the underwire channeling.

The shape given is the classic EM nonpadded shape, uplifted and natural. I’m more partial to rounded shapes, so the natural look doesn’t do a whole lot for my boobs and from some angles it looks like I’m not wearing a bra at all.

My only other gripe is that on the thong, they’ve trimmed the top with the same non-stretch lace as the cups, so it requires some shimmying to get it on and off if I don’t want to tear anything.


I love this bra. It’s not something to wear under a fitted top, but it’s super cute and comfortable. I’m very pleased with it, but I will say that unless EM releases some other amazing non-padded designs, I won’t be buying another any time soon solely because of the shape.

Whether you like V-day or not, I hope you’re having a great one!


4 thoughts on “Ewa Michalak Amorek

  1. The set is super cute! I swear that the padded red heart will be the death of all (to our heart, that is). The set makes a good use of unusual shade of pink that may be “too flamboyant” for sale.

    I know this sounds super creepy, but having read your older Ewa Michalak reviews… I have a bit of a hard time figuring out the sizing. From what I’ve generally heard, I should sister size up in the band and cup for non-padded bras, and size up in the cup for padded? (Or do I not size up in the cup at the first place?)
    My UK/US size is 32DD, so that would put me in… 75D for non-padded? 75E for padded?

    Also, how are the briefs/thongs for Ewa Michalak? Do you see them TTS as well?

    1. Hey! Ok, so I took a risk and ordered my usual EM 32C (70C) and it actually fit pretty well. It’s a much different fit than the padded bras, which seem to be all about projection and lifting up your boobs. The non-padded bras are a lot less round and make you a bit flatter, in my experience. It’s weird, because I have 3 32Cs (2 padded and one nonpadded) and all of them fit differently, despite the 2 padded ones being the same style/cut. I’d start by ordering the same cup size as your US /UK size, but a band size up. So if you wear a 32DD, I’d try a 75D for both. Then you can always return what doesn’t fit. Let me know if you have any more questions 🙂

    2. Oh also the briefs/thongs are pretty TTS, the rise on them is a bit high. I ordered an 8 and they fit like a typical small,if not a bit generous (they’re very stretchy).

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