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MB-14Else is a brand that came to my attention quite some time ago. I loved their pieces, but could never decide on what to buy and was a bit nervous ordering from them because I had no idea what to expect with their sizing and was a bit hesitant to order due to the fairly strict return criteria detailed on Else’s site. 
Enter Secrets From Your Sister. This is a shop I’ve mentioned before, and will likely continue to mention due to their excellent customer service and wide variety of brands carried. I saw them post a photo of an Else piece on social media, and immediately went in to the store to try it on.


Much to my surprise, Else’s bands actually start at 30 and not 32 like I’d initially thought. This size range expansion must be fairly recent, and I am not complaining. They also now stock 30A-30DD in select styles, so if you’ve got a small bust, you may want to look into them.

I was drawn to the Rose Garden set as soon as they showed it to me. The print was seasonal and unique, and it fit absolutely perfectly in a 30D and size M for the bottoms. I’d initially tried an S but my 37-inch hips weren’t having any of it and I sized up. I typically take a small, so keep this in mind if you’re interested in ordering from them.


The bra fits fairly true to size. I usually wear between a 30D and 30DD, and the 30D fit perfectly if not a little small.

Considering all of the stuff that it’s got going on, it’s a very comfortable bra. I’d bought it with the intention of spicing up some outfits  by having the strap detailing peek out, but unfortunately the part extending off the centre gore (I’m going to refer to that as the ‘detailing’ for simplicity) is a bit too thick, so it just looks like I’m wearing a really high bra and not one with straps. Had the detailing been just plain satin elastic straps, it would have worked out a lot better for showing under tops (but also a lot less pretty!), so now I’m a bit stuck as to how to wear it– I don’t own anything low enough that allows you to see the full detailing. Below is my NYE ensemble, with one too few buttons done up so you can see what I’m talking about:

Peek-a-boo courtesy of @elselingerie. Thanks to @secretsfromyoursister for helping me find this beauty!! Review (and actual good photos) to come soon.
Had I done up all of the buttons, it would just look like I’m wearing a really high bra.

This is the only shirt I own that’s low enough to show the detailing. I guess that means more shopping for me!

The band is perfect, the cups give a beautifully round shape  (which I wasn’t expecting since they’re half-padded, a style that’s usually responsible for pointiness).


I’m really happy with this set. The only complaint I have is that I wish the detailing straps were a bit thinner because it’s definitely noticeable when you’re wearing it– I’m not used to having fabric that high up on my chest! With that being said, that’s a very minor gripe and I’m still extremely happy with this addition to my ever-growing collection. I’m considering my first foray into Else to be a success, an as a result my never-ending wishlist just got longer.

Ah yes, fresh pillow marks on my back because I had just woken up when I had this shoot. Beauty.

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9 thoughts on “Else Secret Garden Set

  1. I see what you mean about the straps being positioned so they don’t look like straps unless you wear something really low cut on top, but just looking at it on its own as underwear, I love those straps! Thick over-cup straps, and straps made from fabric rather than elastic, are really unusual 🙂

    1. They are unique, the combination of the straps and the print make the bra. Looks like I’l have to find something else to wear it under…or raid the local mall for obscenely low-cut tops 😛 Thank you for reading! xx

  2. I had been so enamoured by their Baklava’s geometric pattern that I missed this gorgeous set! That’s brown I see, right? Floral done right, I say!
    I believe that to show off a bra, a (slightly to completely, your choice) see-through top is the best way to go. 😉

    1. The Baklava set is on my wishlist too!! A see-through top is definitely a good idea- right now I layer it with my Alexis halter top from Hopeless, in the crocheted mesh, but I might try a sheer actual top next time. Thanks for your input!!

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