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I’ve seen a lot of lingerie. I’ve been at this for a few years now, and I thought I’d seen it all– every last lace applique bralette, every single strappy design. Then, I stumbled upon Pamela Cooper Intimates. The Earth Angel set wasn’t even my original purchase, but with a stroke of good luck and a sign of Pamela’s good will, I got the Earth Angel set in addition to my other set free of charge (more to come on that later, I’ll discuss it in the Vesper set review). It wasn’t gifted to me for review, rather gifted to me because I’d been so patient waiting for my other order from her.


Construction-wise, the top and matching bottoms are made of a non-stretch cottony fabric that doesn’t irritate anything. I’m always cautious about putting non-jersey cottons against my boobs (I once made a cotton smocked dress and wore it to the airport to board a flight–  long story short, I  had to buy Band-Aids from the airport convenience store and slip into the bathroom to put them over my nipples) but there was none of that here. The fabric is durable and slightly compressing, and is printed with a beautiful nature painting. The set looks like it came straight off of an art gallery’s wall.

The top’s straps are standard strap elastic, which cuts in ever-so-slightly, but not enough to make a difference comfort-wise. My top was darted to accommodate for my chest, so the shape is slightly pointed due to that.


The straps are the perfect length, and are all fully adjustable. They attach via swan hook (alternatively called S-shaped hooks). The construction is excellent, the stitching impeccable, and the fit very good. The only problem I had with the top was that the sides (the closest to my underarms) are trimmed in strap elastic and not the elastic of the neckline and hem, so it buckles out a bit when I wear it and looks a little funny from the front. Careful strap placement can fix this; however, straps do slide, so it’s only a temporary fix.


The bottoms are interesting. They’re made from the same fabric as the top, and don’t have a gusset. They’re also a G-string, but the back part is the same strapping as the rest of the set, so it’s a very…unique sensation. (Read: It chafes. A lot.) As well, the lack of a gusset (the cotton crotch part most undies have) increases chaffing, so as a result I haven’t been able to wear these for extended periods of time.

Finally, the tag on the undies is placed so that the seams are visible on the front (if you look closely, you can see two white lines on the left-hand side of them). This didn’t really bother me but I can see how it could if you’re particular about that kind of thing.

With all that being said, this set has a major characteristic that I’ve been looking for recently in the lingerie that I buy: It can double as outerwear. Guys, I’m so excited to wear this top out. I told a few of my friends this and they balked (“You’re going to do WHAT?”) but I sure as hell am! Not out and about, but definitely to some summer music festivals and to a party or two. I’m also figuring out how to work it as a layering piece, so it’ll be even more versatile.


If you’ve got a larger bust, you may not find the non-stretch nature of this garment to your liking, but I’d definitely recommend this set to smaller busts. The Lamb also reviewed this set, so click here to read her experience with this set.

What do you guys think of Pamela Cooper Intimates?

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