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If you don’t know, Buttress and Snatch is a handmade brand from the UK that creates incredibly unique and beautiful pieces for both plus-size, full-bust, and petites.

I can’t remember how I first heard of them, but I remember seeing the Minnie set, closing off all the other shopping carts I had open on other sites, and buying it.

I’d had some correspondence with the designer, Rachel, before buying, as I’d needed some size recommendations.

I got my set, and was immediately taken with the phenomenal craftsmanship and fabrics and trims chosen. I was thrilled with it up until I put it on, and then found the cups to be too small and an overall awkward fit, the padded straps to be a bit too much coverage and made my broad shoulders look slightly football-playerish, and the knickers to come up too high.


Here’s a quick shot I took.

I contacted the designer and explained what didn’t work out, and asked if she offered refunds. She said that she didn’t and that she’d exchange it for me, and I remember being initially pretty unhappy. I’d spent a lot of money on a set that I wasn’t happy with, and really just wanted to cut my losses and get a refund– but seeing as how her policy was that those weren’t an option, I decided to say “F— it” and let her create a new set based on my criticisms. I was a bit doubtful about the new set she was making, because I know how hard it can be to make a garment fit someone you’ve never seen.


The new set arrived, and I was taken aback by how much it looked exactly like what I wanted. The following customization were made:

  • Black, thin straps
  • 1 centre bow and not 2 side bows
  • Non-padded cups, rather than half-padded
  • Knickers made to be low-rise

I put the set on, and it fit like a dream. I can’t express my gratitude towards Rachel enough for making this set for me, because it couldn’t have been easy for her.


I cannot recommend this brand enough for that reason. Any designer could have told me that I was stuck with my purchase, but she worked with me and worked very hard to make me a set that I love and that fits, and she has. I stand for supporting brands like hers, where customer service and care is a priority for the company.

The quality of the set, much like the first, is outstanding. The trims chosen are interesting, in both texture and style, and the fabrics and colors accompany one another flawlessly.


I’m so glad I bought this set, it’s gotten me a lot of compliments (we’re painting my room right now, so my rolling lingerie rack (( yes, I have one of those)) is out in the hallway for the world to see and I can’t tell you the number of people that pick out this set and go “This is so cute!”), and it’s so comfortable.

The knickers are ever so slightly still too tall, but that’s entirely personal preference. They’re also not the kind of knickers you relax in because of the cotton fabric and slightly wide crotch, but they’re comfortable nonetheless. They’re also quite full-coverage in the back, but I don’t mind that at all.


The bra fits beautifully and there isn’t a single bad thing I have to say about it. On my smaller days, it’s a bit too big, but it’s good to have a bra that fits me when I’ve put on a little weight or when my boobs have swelled. The band is pleasantly snug (it’s a 32D) and I find it more like a 30DD.


I love that Rachel worked with me. I know I said that before, but I’m going to say it again because I’m so floored that she nailed the fit. Creating this set was also at a cost to her, because she had to use twice the materials. But she’s definitely made a return customer out of me, and next time I have some disposable income, I’ll go back.

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4 thoughts on “Buttress and Snatch Minnie Set

  1. I love the changes that were made. I completely agree that the two are like night and day, however, Buttress and Snatch still advertise the original Minnie set that you did not like. They don’t even show the new version. I wonder why?

    1. Hey Jennifer,
      Thanks so much for your comment!! I love the changes too. They do that because the original Minnie set is the one they’re selling, the one I ordered was a customization (and it’s totally available but only upon request). I don’t think the designer has planned to change the Minnie set, which is why they’re still advertising the original.

  2. Sorry but what sort of online retailer doesn’t give refunds? Surely that’s in breach of distance selling regulations? No way would I ever place an order now.

  3. It’s wonderful that the designer worked with you to create a new set. The changes made such a difference, and the new set looks absolutely lovely on you! Btw, I would love a post on how you store and organize your lingerie (maybe a peek at your collection?). (:

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