Bra Basics: Caring for Your Lingerie

This post is for women who don’t know how to properly care for bras. If you do, then a gold star for you! However, I can’t tell you how many women I’ve come across who spend – no, invest in their bras and lingerie, and then throw it in the wash and expect it to bounce right back. This is what I like to call A Big NO-NO. If you treat your bras kindly, they will return the favor. They will love and cherish you for a very long time, just as you love and cherish them. They are your friends. They are there to support you, even on your worst days. Do not toss them in the washing machine. Do you toss your friends in the washing machine?  No. (I hope). Not only could it harm the fabric they’re made of, it speeds up the elastic deterioration of your bra, shortening its lifespan considerably. It wears down the fabric, weakens the wires, and stretches out the straps. Bras are hand-wash only items. This means filling a tub of cold water, using hand wash soap, and soaking them in there for about twenty minutes. Then take them out, gently reshape the cups and lay them out flat, and let them dry. If you treat your bras with love, they will last you much, much longer.

Using a no-rinse soap makes the job a lot easier, not to mention faster, and I recommend you check out Eucalan Delicate Wash Soap.

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