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Did you ever think it was possible for a bra to be graceful? Me neither, until I received the Fraulein Annie Falling in Love. Accurately titled, because that’s exactly what I did when I saw it for the first time. It was in the summer that I first stumbled upon Fraulein Annie, a German company that made vintage-inspired, glamorous luxury lingerie. I saw the Falling in Love and immediately contacted the company asking if they had any left in the cinnamon colour. I heard back within an hour (which is seriously impressive) and was redirected to Large Cup Lingerie, where I bought FIL and waited excitedly for it to arrive.

The Good

1. Aesthetics

This is the point that really sold me- and many others- on Falling in Love. The bra is absolutely stunning. It’s glamorous, elegant,  vintage (and I LOVE modern vintage). It’s mature without being old, subtly sexy and delicate while still being eye-catching. I had a friend over the other day, and she saw FIL sitting on my bed, immediately put down what she was holding, picked up the bra  and went “this is so pretty”. This is what I’ve chosen to call the Fraulein Annie effect. You see the bra, your eyes grow wide, harps play in the background and angels begin to sing.


2. The Quality

There’s no doubt that this bra is a bit pricier than most of the others that I review. However, there are a lot of reasons why FIL is worth its price tag. First, the attention to detail is incredible. The lace, the stitching, the lining in the cups, the gold hardware – it’s all considerably more luxurious than a bra that was, say, £27. The cups are double-lined in cotton, with thick vertical seams. Moreover, the satiny fabric of the cups is both gorgeous and thicker than most non-padded bras. I don’t have any nipple show through, and if you’re someone who likes padded bras more than non-padded, or who finds padded bras too thick, give this a try- it’s kind of in between the two.

3. Straps

If you’ve read some of my other reviews, you’ll know that I’m particular about how I like my straps. One of my favorite things about FIL is that the straps are actually a part of the cup. Not only does this give great lift, but it’s also worlds more comfortable than having two thin straps at the very edge of the cup. The satin fabric continues up the straps and they’re the most comfortable ones I’ve worn- no digging, chaffing or sliding, and it’s about time. If I were to change one thing, it would to make them full adjustable- but this isn’t a deal-breaker for me.



4. The Band

The FIL is supposed to run very snug in the band, and I’m confirming this. I was hesitant about ordering a 30 band, being the 25-inch ribcage that I am (and the last time  ordered a 30 from Freya, it didn’t go so well), but I was assured that these bands came much tighter than average. This is totally true. The 30 band I have is about the equivalence and stretchiness to a Panache Andorra 28, and I was fine with the middle hook. It’s much more snug than a Freya 28 and a lot less stretchy than a Curvy Kate band. If you’re a true 30 band and upwards or in between sizes, I’d size up one. If you’re a sub-30, then give the 30 band try.


The Bad

1. The Lace

The bra is pretty comfortable. The cups, straps and band are awesome. I did find that the lace was just a touch scratchy underneath the cups, so beware if you’re someone who has easily irritable skin.

Aaand since I couldn’t fit all my photos into the post, here’s a little gallery of them!






I’m really happy I bought this. It’s unique and beautiful, the quality and detail is amazing and it’ll last a long time. It gives a nicely uplifted and rounded shape, and the fabric is great for days when I don’t want to wear a padded bra but still want the shape. The shape is definitely for someone with wide roots, and I think the cups could work for someone with both projected and shallow breasts (though I’m leaning more towards projected). If you ever feel like treating yourself, look no further than the Falling in Love bra.

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