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The Portia is a continuity style from Curvy Kate that just started coming in fashion colors again. I read somewhere that wearing it makes your boobs look like they’ve been gift-wrapped, which I found both funny and totally true. The Portia is one of my favorite bras in terms of looks, because it’s simply designed yet very, very pretty. The Portia was one of my first bras that I bought in my new proper size, and it fit like a glove. Unfortunately, my boobs seemed to have changed their mind on it, because it doesn’t fit quite like it used to.

The Good

1. Aesthetics

Portia is a classic bra with a cute twist. I love the ribbon woven into the upper section, as well as the criss-cross detail on the cups. The colorways are always unique and the seafoam/hot pink colorway was my favorite color combination in the history of EVER.



2. The Fabric

I find Portia really comfortable. It’s what I like to call a “summer bra”, because it’s so lightweight that you barely feel it there, which is ideal for months so hot that you’d otherwise have to wring your bra out at the end of the day.

3. Uplift

My boobs look hella lifted with this on. It gives a great projected shape but still natural, which I appreciate in a bra.

The Bad

1. The Band

The band on Curvy Kate bras have always been stretchy. Portia is no exception, and I wore it on the third hook right away, and am now in the process of altering the band. It’s a standard 28″ length, but has a LOT of give. I’d stay away if you’re sub-28, unless you plan on altering it.



2. The Fit

This bra used to fit me like a glove. It was perfect for my shape and it was seriously comfortable. But all good things must come to an end, it seems, because as of late Portia’s been wrinkling in places where she didn’t used to. I suppose my shape has changed, as the upper-section has gotten to be a lot looser than it used to be. Portia definitely isn’t for shallow shapes, or full-on-bottom breasts.

3. Visibility under clothing

It might not look it, but this is the most visible-under-clothes bra that I have. The ribbon is visible under tight shirts, and so is the criss-cross pattern and pattern along the trim of the cups. All totally visible, which really limits what I can wear with it.



4. The Shape

Can’t say I’m crazy about the pointed/natural shape Portia gives me. However, if you’ll look on Bratabase, Portia actually looks like it gives a rounded shape to boobs that are more full on top/even fullness. My boobs are very bottom-heavy (boobs that this bra so wasn’t designed for), so I unfortunately do not get the perky round shape.


I think Portia is either a hit or miss bra. It’s really worked out for some people, but for others, not so much. In the two colors that I have, there seems to be little difference in the way the bra fits, though I do think the watermelon/plum color has slightly smaller cups. This bra is definitely for projected, full on top breasts (but be careful, as I’ve also heard that the ribbon cuts in for full on top boobs) and really isn’t for shallow, full on bottom, or short boobs. I don’t think I’ll be getting another Portia an time soon (I’m kind of meh on the new colorway anyway), but give it a try if you have even fullness and roots somewhere in between wide and narrow.

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