Reviewed: Freya Patsy Padded Half Cup


G’day, everybody! The Freya Patsy has been out for a while now, and in a plethora of colors. Okay, four colors, but still. I was interested in giving it a try, as I’m a huge fan of half cups (and polka dots!!). Originally, I bought the underwired, non-padded bra, but that was a disaster like I’d never experienced before, so I opted for the padded version. I still can’t decide whether I like the Patsy or not; I’m torn between hating the way it fits and liking it a great deal. Confused? Allow me to elaborate:

The Good

1. It’s So Darn Cute

I like simplicity with a twist. The Patsy certainly has that; it’s one of my favorite shapes in a pretty base color with neutral polka dots and a little layered bow. It has a delightful trim on the cups, and I think the peacock color is both stunning and one that I did not previously own.


2. The Shape

Being a gal with mostly bottom fullness, I love half cups. This one gives a fantastic rounded shape that I consider to be ideal, and gives nice, subtle cleavage too, which is a bonus.



The Bad

1. The Straps and Width

This is where things gets sticky. Just once, I’d love to find a bra with wide wires that didn’t have equally wide straps. The wires on this bra are pretty wide, so if you need particularly wide underwires, then Patsy is a great option. The straps are quite thick and a bit rough in fabric, and I find that they cause some serious chaffing in the realm of my underarms. Be warned, if your shoulders or roots are narrow, I’d opt out of the Patsy.



2. The Band

Altering the band was one of the first things I did with Patsy. In this color Freya didn’t release a 28 band in the padded cup, so I opted for a 30 with the intention of altering the band. But by golly, this was the biggest 30 I’ve ever put on. Obviously on me a 30 is going to be quite loose, but the second I put it on I pulled it off and checked to make sure I hadn’t been sent the wrong size by mistake. The band was so far up my back it was practically taking itself off, and I had to alter it almost immediately in order to be able to properly review it.

3. Under Clothes

Besides the straps issue, what I really didn’t like about the Patsy was that the cup’s lining and seams were totally visible under clothes. Sometimes I don’t mind a little show-through, but subtlety isn’t Patsy’s forte. As well, even though the cups fit the little trim just can’t seem to lie flat, which makes it look weirder under clothes.



There’s no denying it; Patsy is adorable. She comes highly recommended if you’re looking for a good half cup or are full on the bottom. This bra definitely isn’t for someone who has narrow or slightly wide roots, because these wires will probably wrap around your ribcage and disappear deep into your underarms, never to be seen again. Alright,maybe they’re not that bad- but if you’re someone who needs wide wires and has short boobs, give her a shot.

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