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dsc_0336 As far as Bond films go, Casino Royale was a disappointment. The only redeeming factor of the entire movie was my favorite Bond girl, Vesper Lynd. Lynd is dark and mysterious with a tumultuous inner-dialogue that results in her untimely demise. She is complex and sophisticated.
I’m telling you this because in December 2015, I found the lingerie equivalent to Vesper Lynd. The set, made by Pamela Cooper Intimates, is actually called the Vesper set and was inspired by Vesper Lynd.
Intrigued as I was about the inspiration behind the set, that paled in comparison to the actual set and how perfectly it encompassed Vesper: sophisticated, complex, interesting, and sexy.


The set itself is beautifully constructed and the charming details show how much thought went into the pieces. The lace is black with metallic silver thread woven into it, the elastic is sturdy, and a tight zigzag was used throughout the garments to ensure that the stitches won’t pop.

The pinkish jersey used is soft and slinky. The top is lined in the same fabric, so nipple show-through is minimized.

The only three gripes I have with the set are:

  1. The crotch is lined in the same jersey as the rest of the set (so, not 100% cotton). Since these aren’t everyday undies and I’ll probably only be wearing them for a few hours at a time rather than all day every day, that’s only a minor quibble of mine. (Cotton wicks away moisture, which can discourage yeast growth, meaning less yeast infections. The lack of a cotton lining at the crotch could be a problem if you were to wear them often, particularly if you have sensitivities).
  2. The strap elastic that wraps around my neck has been melted at the stitching so it won’t fray. It’s a bit pokey, so I may clip off the melted part with some scissors.
  3. There’s actually another elastic section on the top, where the lace meets the jersey (you can see it in the photo, it’s the black line visible under the lace). It creates a bit of an awkward shape from the side because it presses into the tops of my boobs:


Not sure what I’m doing with my arms here but when my shoulders aren’t completely back, there’s a bit of an awkward shape created by that elastic.

The set is fairly comfortable, minor issues aside. Overall, this set is probably one of the most interesting ones I own. It’s unique, well-constructed, and the materials used are of really great quality.


One more thing I feel I should mention was the wait time:

I pre-ordered this set in December, and production was supposed to begin in mid-January. I received the set in May, and it was about 2 sizes too big. I sent it back to Pamela and she said she’d make me a new set. This was about mid-May to early June, and I received the new set two or three weeks ago. Pamela was awesome about keeping me updated, which I really appreciate. However, I do need to mention that I am at least a bit hesitant to buy from her again solely because of wait times.


She’s a full-time student and has currently closed down her webshop (though I do believe she still takes custom orders via Instagram).

With all of that being said, Pamela is immensely talented and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for her. I’m following her Instagram to see her latest projects and creations, so go and have a look if you’re interested!

EDIT: I’ve just discovered that Pamela has a portfolio website! Link here.

Until next time,

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