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dsc_0827Why, the last time I talked to y’all, leaves on trees were still green and I could go outside in a t-shirt and shorts. Seasons changed, I got busy, school and work have both nestled nicely into the shotgun seat and blogging took a seat in the back.

I’ve had this bra for a while and have been wearing it regularly since it arrived in late October. Dora Larsen is a new lingerie brand that dipped their toe into the lingerie community with a giveaway partnership with blogger Estelle. I didn’t win, but this was the bra I’d have chosen if I had. It found itself on my ever-growing wishlist and was there for quite some time before Dora Larsen had a sale and I went for it.


There is lingerie you save up for months for, and then there’s lingerie you buy because it’s cute and on sale. This was more of the latter. Now, that’s not to detract from the company and what they make, but I usually go for more extravagant pieces and I would classify these bras under my ‘basics’/everyday. For that reason it wasn’t that high up on my wishlist. I was initially attracted to it because I LOVE underwired single-piece cups made of some kind of sheer stretchy fabric.The designs are fairly minimalist (which is not usually my style), so it was the unique and fun color combinations are what appealed to me. It was also the least expensive option on my wishlist and the sale made it all the more appealing.


As recommended by their size chart, I ordered a 32B (which is a size I’d never ordered before, so I was immensely weary about buying a size down from my usual 32C). I went with it, and the bra arrived in a lovely pink box branded with the company logo.

Construction-wise, the bra is very simple. The cups are made of a sheer burgundy-ish purple stretch mesh and have ice-blue lace overlays. The elastic on the top of the cups and band is charcoal foldover elastic, and the matching bottom band is a plain-edge elastic cover-stitched onto the bra (twin stitches on the front, a serged stitch underneath). The straps are thin and very stretchy.


When I put it on, I was pretty impressed. The cups were pretty stretchy and the underwires were the perfect size. Unfortunately, it does seem that the 32B is too small– on my smaller days it just fits and on my bigger days I’ll reach for something else. However, the most remarkable thing about the bra is how comfortable it is. It disappears almost completely and I can wear it for hours at a time without pinching, digging, or getting the “can’t wait to go home and take off this bra” feeling.


In terms of support, I find it works well for me. That being said, my bust measures 33-34 depending on the day, so I really don’t have a lot to keep in place. If you wear a larger cup size, keep in mind that this bra might not have the same kind of support you need or would expect from an underwired bra made from different materials with more cup pieces.

The band is a bit snug for a 32 but I wouldn’t call it a 30. The shape is natural and is actually pretty good considering there’s no shaping element to the cups besides some lace overlay.

I have thoroughly considered buying another one of these bras, because it’s that comfortable. However, I’m a bit hesitant because while the 32B cups are too small, the wires fit and the straps are already pretty splayed. If I bought a 32C I’m concerned that the wires would be too big and the straps would venture into my underarms, so I’m still debating. As well, right now Dora Larsen has this design in several colorways. While they are all very lovely and striking, I’m sure I’d get bored of the design if I bought five of them. However, Mimi Holliday also releases the same styles every year in new colors, so perhaps it’ll work for Dora L. as well.

I’ll be keeping an eye on Dora Larsen and I can’t wait to see what’s coming. I’m hoping for more super-comfy underwire styles with the same fun colors, perhaps in new silhouettes.

As usual, I’d love to hear your thoughts down below in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Dora Larsen Chiara

  1. Ahhh I am really glad you reviewed this piece—I was curious for awhile! The color combination of Dora Larsen sets are critically pretty. I remember your Chiara set and the Coco set appealed to me the most the first time I set eyes upon the collection.

    It’s also a bit like Claudette and Timpa too—one main silhouette with different color variations. (Btw any idea what happened to Claudette? They seem to be MIA…)

    I suppose your advice is to go for your “regular” cup size? I have a H&M bra that’s a bit small for me, an unlined underwire bra with part-seamed cups and stretchy mesh. The silhouette it gives me is similar to that of your last picture. I am thinking of taking the underwire out and wear it like a bralette…

    Sorry I didn’t comment for a while >< I wasn't really reading lingerie stuff and write for my personal blog and etc.

    – TKS

    1. Hey girl! I as wondering what happened to Claudette too. Haven’t seen them around in a while :/. Yeah, I’d go for your usual size. And not a problem, I haven’t been the most active blogger as of late 😛 Life has a tendency to get in the way. Good to hear from you again 🙂 xx

  2. This is the piece that first caught my eye when I opened your blog. I just love the contrast in colour and the minimalistic design is charming. It looks pretty comfortable and I’ll be definitely keeping an eye on Dora Larsen too.

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