Reviewed: Cleo Maddie Round II (Continuity Style)


Hello, all! I hope your holidays are proving to be restful. I have been spending mine sleeping in far more than the usual amount, and to compensate for this, I’ve decided to do something that I vowed I would never do again- wear the Cleo Maddie. As Cleo has released the Maddie shape in a classic continuity style, I decided that it would only be fair if I gave this one a shot, too. The Maddie is out now in black, nude, and candy pink, and is soon to be released in this beautiful blue color.

Image courtesy of Stanikomania.
Image courtesy of Stanikomania.




1. The Cup Shape

This Maddie is considerably different than the patterned one. The continuity Maddie is much stiffer than the patterned, and has a significantly deeper, more molded cup. The patterned Maddie is good for shallow shapes, and the opposite is true with this one. In the patterned Maddie, I took a 28FF (which is a considerable size up considering I typically take a 28E/F). In this one I opted for an F, and found that while it was smaller than Freya’s or Curvy Kate’s F, it was still small for an F. The continuity Maddie’s cups seem to be truer to size than the patterned – but here’s where things get a bit difficult. The patterned Maddie is great for shallow shapes -wide, shallow cups. The continuity Maddie has not-as-wide, deep cups that have a lot of projection towards the top of the cup. Paired with the rigidity of the cup, any time when I wasn’t standing perfectly upright, I got gaping. A LOT of gaping. Yet trying a cup size down doesn’t seem like it’d fix the problem, because the Maddie also cuts into my upper-boob whenever I inhale because the cups are so closed on top. I think I could size down as much as I want, but I simply just don’t have enough upper breast tissue for the Maddie.

28FF patterned Maddie compared with 28F continuity Maddie- see how much more projection the black Maddie has?
28FF patterned Maddie compared with 28F continuity Maddie- see how much more projection the black Maddie has?
28FF on left, 28F on right- from this angle it's even more obvious
28FF on left, 28F on right- from this angle it’s even more obvious

2. Fabric

The patterned Maddie has soft, giving fabric that was one of its redeeming qualities. Continuity Maddie has seriously stiff, very structured, very molded cups that are fairly padded. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure that if someone had punched me in the boob, I wouldn’t have felt it. There isn’t much give in these cups, so if you’re looking for a bra with structure, look no further. If you’re looking for something that’s lightly padded and that will mold to your body, look elsewhere.

3. The Band

Thank goodness for this difference- the size of the band. The patterned Maddie’s 28 band stretched to a whole 31 inches- almost two band sizes larger than the size it was supposed to be. This band is much less stretch and considerably stiffer. I still dislike the non U-back of the straps and band, but this one was a vast improvement from the other Maddie, stretching to an absolute maximum of 29 inches.


4. The Looks, Obviously

This probably doesn’t need to be said, but the looks of this Maddie are much different than the patterned, and have all the elements of a great basic. The cute button at the centre gore, vertically striped cups, and subtle lace detailing across the tops of the cups is both classic and refreshing, because I, for one, am getting a bit tired of seeing bows all over my underwear.

I can't express in words how much I love button detailing!
I can’t express in words how much I love button detailing!

The Similarities

1. The Straps

Ah, the iron. The biggest problem I had with Maddie is the one thing to remain unchanged. However, since the cups aren’t as wide, I find that they don’t extend as far off to the sides as the patterned Maddie does. That makes the width of them almost bearable. They’re still quite wide, though, but they give more lift than the patterned Maddie (though I think that’s largely attributed to cup shape).



I like that Cleo has created this alternative to the Maddie for those who it didn’t work out for. If the patterned Maddie did not work out for you, I highly recommend giving this a try, because it’s a MUCH different fit than the patterned. They kept the balconet shape but changed the fit of the cups and the fabric, which makes the Maddie a lot more versatile in who it’ll fit. I don’t think I’ll be keeping mine, because it didn’t work for my shape and I found the stiffness to be uncomfortable. I think this bra will work for someone who has some upper fullness or some projection and needs wider wires. For those who are shallow, I would try the patterned Maddie over this one, and for those who need narrow wires, I’d skip it altogether. Let me know if either of the Maddies worked for you!



P.S. If anyone is interested, I’ll be selling this Maddie with the tags attached for $30 USD plus shipping. Contact me if you’re interested! πŸ™‚ The Bratabase link is here.

9 thoughts on “Reviewed: Cleo Maddie Round II (Continuity Style)

  1. I have the beige maddie at the moment, in a 28G and i love it!!! Cant wait for some more colours to be released in newzealand as it is almost a perfect fit. I only wish the width of the wires would be a little narrower but thats just a personal preference. Love love love this bra!!

    1. hi i have the maddie too from the bravissimo,and i am wait the candy pink and blue aqua my size is 32H and iam waiting to see how they are fit,

  2. I have the Cleo Maddie Balconnet in candy pink. I’m in a ” sister ” size of 34G. I like the support and the firmness of the cups because my bust is heavy. I’m looking forward to Panache Maddie T shirt bra, it looks a little more closed at the top and I think it will make a great t shirt bra.

    I don’t have the printed Maddie .

    1. For my shape I found the balconnet Maddie to be much more preferable! I too have a heavy bust (relative to my size, anyway). My sister, on the other hand, likes the printed one better and finds it to be a lot more comfortable (and I agree with her on that). Cheers πŸ˜€

  3. I noticed the exact differences that you described. I have both Maddie styles and while they both fit great, the patterned Maddie fits the best while the continuity gaps slightly where the strap is connected. Then again I have wide shallow boobs. I need to order a 30E now, I wish they had the patterned style bra in neutrals!

    1. Me too!! I hope they come out with it in their coming collections. I also find the patterned Maddie to be more comfortable, but that might also just be me… xx

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