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IMG_5157Christmas has finally arrived, and for the past two weeks leading up to this moment, I’ve had only two bras on rotation- one of which being the Freya Deco Honey in the gorgeous jade green color. It has supported me through last-minute holiday shopping, lain smoothly beneath my holiday outfits and withstood the harsh Canadian winds. Being one who reads relies on reviews when purchasing lingerie, I was convinced the Deco wouldn’t work for my bottom-heavy shape. I’d read that its cups were tall and were not for the shallow-endowed, and while I don’t consider myself to be shallow, I often have trouble filling out the upper sections on bras and have gaping issues like you wouldn’t believe. However, I had my reasons for wanting to try this classic, as you’ll discover below:

The Good

1. The Colour

It was the colour that convinced me to buy the Deco.  I was in a lingerie store a few weeks back and I saw the Deco sitting out on a table and fell in love with the colour. The beautiful green was both seasonal and one that I did not previously own. Now, the shop was charging $90 for it, and I knew I could buy it for about $45, so I immediately went home and bought online. It arrived just in time for the holidays, and I’ve been wearing it almost non-stop since, feeling very festive in the green.


2. Appearance Under Clothes

Or, lack thereof…I think the best part about the Deco is that it completely disappears under clothing. Looking a bit like something from Victoria’s Secret, the smooth cups don’t show and stay put for the entire day.

Due to some bad lighting, it looks a lot less green than it is- I'm hoping to put up better pictures soon. The color is less teal and more dark jade green.
Due to some bad lighting, it looks a lot less green than it is- I’m hoping to put up better pictures soon. The color is less teal and more dark jade green.

3. The Fit

Here’s the part that surprised me. Of the bras I recently purchased, this was the one I was expecting to fit the least. Yet when I put it on, it lifted and hugged like very few padded bras have managed to do thus far. I was amazed that there wasn’t any gaping, chaffing or stiffness like I’d anticipated. The plunge cut digs in a bit on my bigger boob, but only very slightly. I don’t get the cleavage that a lot of women do in the Deco, but I also have very separate breasts and the only bra that’s succeeded in giving me cleavage is the Just Flew in Longline, so I won’t hold that against it.

4. The Cut (Straps!!)

Anyone who reads my posts with any degree of frequency knows that I’m a bit picky about my straps. Most balconets wind up digging into my underarms or being too wide, so the plunge cut and narrower straps are a pleasant change from what I typically wear- so much so that I’m considering buying plunges more often.


The Bad

1. The Band

In typical Freya fashion, the band is pretty firm but considerably larger than the standard 28. However, I find that it’s more snug than, say, some of Freya’s unpadded models (Patsy, Hello Dolly, Babes in the Wood, Ada, etc) and even the standard Deco, because that band is supposed to run quite large (even for Freya).


2. The Break-in Period

The Deco Honey has a bit of a break-in period, as I’ve found to be the case with a lot of padded bras. However, once the wires bend to the shape of your body, it’s smooth sailing from there- just maybe get your sternum ready for a beating first.



I highly recommend the Freya Deco Honey to anyone who has projected breasts, but not to shallow breasts. Though the cups don’t gape on me, I can see how they’d be a problem for those who are less projected. The cups are fairly tall as well, so those who don’t have enough upper breast tissue may not be able to wear them. However, I can see the Honey Deco becoming a favorite of mine. It doesn’t show under clothing, the cups fit like a glove and the color is stunning. After a quick band alteration, I’ll be wearing it quite often.

Merry Christmas to everyone, happy holidays, happy New Year, and I hope your time off is restful and spent doing whatever it may be that you want to do. The next time I post it’ll be a new year, with new opportunities and more importantly, new lingerie.



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