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I know what you’re thinking- Whoa, TWO reviews in two days? I know, I’m shocked, too- but this has been in my queue for a while, and the post published earlier was a spur of the moment kind of deal. So, without anything further:

I didn’t know this brand existed until I read the UndieGamer’s review. From then on, my interest was piqued. I’m no stranger to pretty and comfortable, but wireless? Sold. I took to Mr. Google and searched up ‘Fortnight’-and here I was, thinking that a fortnight was still a two-week interval (the dark ages, as I call them), but my search yielded the results that lead to perhaps the world’s most genuine love for a material object.


Aesthetically, I wouldn’t call the Mira or Vega pretty bras. They don’t have any sexy lace or frills, no whimsical touches, but they certainly are striking. My mum took a look at Mira and went “Wow, what a fantastic colour” and I couldn’t agree more. There’s something about the soft blush mixed with the striking blue of the cups that makes the Mira very visually  interesting to look at. They’re soft and gentle, but modern and sophisticated as well. The Vega is the same, being my sister’s favorite of the two. Sexy, strong, sophisticated, and simple. This is the lingerie of Lara Croft, of of Katniss Everdeen- of women who get stuff done.



The best part about Mira and Vega is the cup construction. Y’know how most bras have a specific cup shape? “Projected” or “round” or “full-on-top” and so forth? Well, Mira and Vega don’t. They’ve got a vertical seam running up each cup and lies flat when you put it down- which is why they’re perfect. I have a theory that this bra will work out for almost anyone who tries it BECAUSE of the lack of distinctive shape or form. Your breasts give the bra shape, and not the other way around, which is also what makes it so comfortable. I found the cups to be fairly similar in size, though the Mira was more forgiving in terms of shape and the Vega was a bit more structured due to the stiffer fabric.

Just ignore that paint on my hands

They picks my boobs right up despite the lack of wires, and provides amazing support (seriously, I did the bounce check, the stairs check, and the “it started raining so I need to jog to the car” check, and it passed all three (with flying colors).


I found the fabric intensely comfortable and breathable, the band to be a little loose but overall firm and pleasant, and the straps to be just the same. It’s to be noted that the 30 band is definitely closer to a 28 than a true 30, so those who are disappointed that the bands start at 30 still have hope yet. I think the Vega may be slightly more snug than the Mira, but overall are fairly similar.

It’s my number one home bra, surpassing the “birthday suit” model I usually wear, and I love being able to throw something on over it and hurry out to run an errand or go for a walk. They’re easy, looks fantastic, and are obscenely comfortable. I don’t mind them peeking over my cami, because they’re so minimalist that they can without getting stares. Bravo, Fortnight Lingerie, you’ve wowed me.


I highly recommend the Mira and Vega to anyone looking for all-day comfort without wires. Keep in mind that this bra is not for boobs that much larger than mine, so I can’t say much for support in terms of anything bigger than, say, a FF. Check out Fortnight if this sounds like something you’d be into- I did, and I sure am glad for it.



P.S. Here are the rest of the photos from the shoot!






7 thoughts on “Reviewed: Fortnight Mira and Vega

  1. I’m thinking about taking the plunge and buying a few of the fortnight bras myself. I’m a 28D/30C so I thought it would be perfect for my narrow back. Of the two bras you reviewed which did you prefer more and why?

  2. Those are beautiful looking bras-I can’t wait for mine to arrive! If you don’t mind me asking, what sizes did you order and did the Vega run smaller than the Mira? Your review and Undiegamer’s have really gotten me excited for Fortnight.

    1. I ordered a 30DD in both, I always forget to include that information in the review! You definitely should be excited, those bras are amazing. I found the Vega and Mira to be relatively equal in size, though the Vega has a slightly seams at the tops of the cups so if you’re fuller in the centre, you might find it to be smaller. The Mira also has stretchier fabric, so again, if you’re fuller or have softer tissue, you might find it to be a better fit. Let me know if you have ay more questions! Cheers x

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